New FC 24 Update Announced

EA has confirmed the eighth title update for FC 24.

Following the last update, which was released just last week, EA was quick to announce a new update for FC 24. While this patch is not as substantial in content as the previous one, it does address several issues and includes several updates to graphic assets, including star heads.

Here is the full changelog for Title Update #8:

Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

– Help information could have unintentionally displayed without being prompted during SBCs.

– Some Squad Foundation Player Item visuals did not display correctly during Pack openings.

– In a rare scenario, the EA connect button callout did not display.


Made the following change:

– Improved ball trajectory consistency when successfully performing a Chip Shot.


Addressed the following issues:

– In rare instances, the scoreboard stopped updating correctly.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

– The player Bio screen could have displayed an incorrect badge.

– When creating a club in a Manager career, some kits were unavailable.

General, Audio and Visual

Made the following changes:

– Updated some kits, badges, boots, and star heads.

Addressed the following issues:

– Addressed instances of placeholder text.

– In some stadiums, a Manager could have been located outside of the technical area.

– Some team kit colors were not displayed correctly on the match scoreboard.

– Addressed instances of stability issues that could have occurred.

Title Update #8 is already available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of EA SPORTS FC 24. The update is also live on PS5, XBSX, PC and Switch.

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