EA Confirms New Update for FC 24

A new update has been announced for EA Sports FC 24.

Following the Holiday Update, EA confirmed the seventh official update for FC 24 earlier today. The patch brings various gameplay changes and addresses issues across multiple game modes.

Furthermore, Title Update #7 includes various graphic updates and 90 updated star heads that will come with a Squads Update release in-game. For the full patch notes list, please check below:

Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • The Objectives notification icon was not always visible after exiting and re-entering Ultimate Team.
  • The Squad Battles menu did not display a competition timer.
  • Removed substitutions from being unnecessarily listed in SBC requirements.
  • Sometimes, SBC requirements displayed duplicate club names.
  • Some Objectives did not display their completion deadline.
  • After claiming an Objective reward, the notification icon was sometimes still present.
  • Stadium Item Pack openings in Ultimate Team were resulting in an unintended animation with placeholder text.
  • Addressed an issue that could have impacted Evolution Player Item selection.
  • Sometimes, the Objectives notification icon did not appear where intended.
  • A stability issue could have occurred when interacting with an empty squad.
  • [PS5/XBSX|S Only] Following a rare UI flow, the Squad menu shortcut did not function as expected.
  • [PS5 Only] Under some specific Camera Settings, the broadcast package did not always display after scoring a goal in Division Rivals.
  • [PS4/XB1 Only] When getting a certain amount of red cards in a Friendlies Survival match, it was not possible to advance past the post-match screens.


Made the following changes:

  • Reduced the accuracy of Lobbed Passes and Precision Lobbed Passes when taken at extreme angles.
  • Improved the responsiveness of requested Precision Passes.
  • Slightly reduced the maximum potential speed of Swerved Through Passes.
  • Increased the maximum potential ball trajectory height of Lobbed and Precision Lobbed Passes when taken at extreme angles.

Addressed the following issues:

  • A requested Ground Pass could have sometimes resulted in an unintended animation occurring.
  • In some situations, a requested Through Pass could have been weaker and less accurate than intended.
  • Sometimes, a Physical Tackle could have been unintentionally performed on an attacking player without the ball.
  • Improved auto-switching logic when determining which defender to switch to during some Lofted Through Passes.
  • Improved player switching logic when two or more users are on the same team.
  • In some specific situations, an AI teammate could have attempted to control the ball following a user-requested shot.
  • Improved the consistency of a Secondary Contain request when locked to a player.
  • In rare instances, the ball physics did not behave as expected after hitting the post.
  • In some rare cases following a requested pass, the ball carrier could have lost control of the ball by passing through it.
  • Further improved referee logic when determining offside calls following deflections.
  • Addressed instances of various Skill Game issues impacting areas such as progression and consistency.
  • [PS4/XB1 Only] The Precision Pass Drill did not always consider inputs correctly.
  • [Switch Only] A powerful shot could have sometimes sent the ball through the net.


Addressed the following issues:

  • When changing outfits, some tattoos could have displayed a placeholder image.
  • Sometimes in Kick Off VOLTA FOOTBALL, customized controller settings did not apply.
  • [Switch Only] A powerful shot could have sometimes sent the ball through the goal net.

General, Audio and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some kits, balls, gloves, boots, ad boards, trophies, tifos, stadium themes, mascots, VIP areas, tattoos, accessories, pre/post-match scenes, and badges.
  • Added and updated a total of 90 star heads. They will become visible following a server release. Full list of added star heads:
FC 24 Title Update #7 Face Updates

Gareth Southgate 42
Cesc Fàbregas 162895
Sokratis 172879
Jo Inge Berget 183339
Thomas Kaminski 188400
Alberto Costa 188791
Gökhan Töre 191032
Gastón Ramírez 201508
Jordan Clark 202464
Zé Luís 203757
Amari’i Bell 207804
Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu 207956
Sergi Samper 208088
Piotr Zieliński 210406
Tom Lockyer 211363
Carlton Morris 213152
Mattia Zaccagni 220502
Reece Burke 221456
Benson Manuel 222724
Luke Berry 223085
Emma Berglund 227011
Mads Juel Andersen 228419
Sander Berge 228092
Elijah Adebayo 229375
Tino Kadewere 230717
Chiedozie Ogbene 231005
Gabriel Osho 231185
Umar Sadiq 231627
Jacob Brown 236650
Marin Pongračić 238370
Ander Guevara 240458
Teun Koopmeiners 240679
Lyle Foster 241173
Marcelino 241611
Sebastián Córdova 242118
Lucía García 242796
Haley McCutcheon 243262
Abby Smith 243771
Valentin Gendrey 245863
Cyril Ngonge 246457
Riccardo Sottil 246431
Geyse 248794
Sarina Wiegman 250462
Alfie Doughty 252483
Hjalmar Ekdal 252316
Giacomo Raspadori 253002
Issa Kaboré 253052
Teden Mengi 253465
Malick Thiaw 256261
Evanilson 256612
Amadou Onana 257057
Anass Zaroury 260843
Andreia Jacinto 261843
Zeki Amdouni 262642
James Trafford 263063
Ameen Al Dakhil 263573
Maria-Luisa Grohs 264899
Ramona Bachmann 264892
Shekiera Martinez 264950
Charlotte Voll 265118
Manjou Wilde 265093
Jacopo Fazzini 266596
Ally Watt 267213
Arin Wright 267281
Kaleigh Riehl 267388
Kiki Pickett 267241
Makenzy Doniak 267381
António Silva 270086
Ibrahim Sulemana 271577
Cinta Rodríguez 272113
Nuria Mendoza 272013
Luis de la Fuente 272689
Hinata Miyazawa 273227
Linda Caicedo 273153
Messiah Bright 273486
Michelle Cooper 273467

Divock Origi 213135
Roy Hodgson 220467 hair fix
Philip Billing 220714
Crystal Dunn 226336
Emily van Egmond 227113
Griedge Mbock 227346
Antonee Robinson 229348
Leon Bailey 229906
Lina Magull 233837
Josip Brekalo 234711
Will Smallbone 237916
Frida Maanum 239761 strand update
Nikola Vlašić 241095
Leah Williamson 246426 strand update
Mason Greenwood 246147 hair fix
Jordyn Huitema 247512
Catarina Macario 262330 hair fix

Addressed the following issues:

  • Updated instances of placeholder, missing, and incorrect text.
  • The no goal sound customization option was not available in Career Mode and Clubs.
  • Improved the appearance of some running animations.
  • In some stadiums, game cameras did not behave as intended.
  • In certain scenarios, some crowds had an incorrect shadow over them.
  • While taking a short corner, players could have sometimes passed through a camera operator.
  • Improved transition between shooting animations and player celebrations.
  • Addressed instances of stability issues that could have occurred.
  • [Switch Only] Updated some button callouts when playing with split Joy-Cons.
  • [XBSX|S/XB1Only] An incorrect message could have been displayed when cross-play settings were disabled.
  • [PC] In a Kick Off, a stability issue could have occurred when playing with International teams.

The 2.43 GB is now available update on PC, XB1, XBSX, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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