Movember Unveils Limited Edition Kit in EA SPORTS FC 24

This year, Movember—the leading global movement dedicated to men’s health—celebrates its 20th anniversary. To mark this milestone, Movember has teamed up with EA SPORTS FC to launch a limited-edition football kit in FC 24, showcasing a unique Movember moustache theme.

This special kit was unveiled on November 1st and aims to shed light on significant issues like mental health and suicide prevention within the global community.

The kit’s design is both eye-catching and meaningful. It features a moustache graphic formed by sixty lines, each line symbolizing a man’s life lost to suicide every hour around the world. This imagery is a powerful reminder of the impact of mental health issues and the importance of addressing them. As Dan Cooper, Global Director of Innovation at Movember, puts it, “The visibility and impact within the gaming community can be immeasurable in reducing the stigma associated with mental health.”

Gamers can unlock this exclusive kit throughout the month of November. Besides the kit, FC 24 players will also have access to in-game Movember assets for stadium customization, including banners, ad boards, and flags, all unlockable by progressing in Season 2 of FC 24 Ultimate Team.

This collaborative effort between Movember and EA SPORTS FC demonstrates the rising awareness about the importance of mental health in the gaming community. James Salmon, Senior Director of Brand at EA SPORTS FC, expresses pride in their continued partnership with Movember. “Through the in-game kit, we hope to raise further awareness around mental health and encourage young people to speak on any issues they may be facing,” says Salmon.

The Movember initiative has a history of collaboration with EA Sports, with the first feature back in FIFA 13. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team took the partnership a notch higher with a full-blown promo featuring players sporting facial hair in support of the cause.

This new venture in FC 24 further cements the commitment of both organizations to championing men’s health issues, using the universal language of football and gaming to reach and educate individuals worldwide.

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