FC 24 Now Available at an 85% Discount: What’s Happening?

EA Sports offers further discounts for FC 24 and the community is already questioning the reasons behind this drastic decision.

Two months after the global release, EA Sports FC 24’s price was already half off. The initial shocker came during the Black Friday sales, a move that surprised many since no FIFA game has seen such a rapid price drop shortly after release.

As of March, the standard version of EA Sports FC 24 is selling at a mere $10.50, marking an 85% cut from its original $80 price tag. With still half a year until FC 25’s release, this has raised quite a few eyebrows.

Unpacking EA Sports FC 24’s Price Dip

When EA Sports FC 24 hit the market, it wasn’t just another game—it was the most expensive in its series, breaking away from FIFA’s branding. But now, it’s almost like EA can’t get it off their hands fast enough, sparking debates and speculation in gaming communities.

FC24 Is Currently Priced At $10.50.
byu/876Mark inFifaCareers

Why the dramatic price drop, you wonder? It’s a mix of factors, really. The game’s launch was anything but smooth, plagued with bugs and glitches that left fans less than thrilled. EA scrambled to patch things up with five updates in the first month, which helped, but the damage to its reputation was already done.

Then there’s the player activity dip after the Team of the Year (TOTY) promotion ended. It seems like EA is trying to reel in new players with this price drop, aiming to boost the game’s popularity and, in turn, appease shareholders following the split from FIFA branding.

Moreover, EA’s focus seems to have shifted more towards live services like Ultimate Team, which has become a major revenue stream according to their latest Q3 financial result where a standout prospect was the record $1.712 billion in live services and other net bookings accounting for 70% of EA’s total income.

This push towards microtransactions has been a point of contention, with recent moves like altering pack odds and monetizing previously free loyalty packs drawing flak from the community. These changes suggest a strategic shift towards a model similar to FC Online.

It’s clear that EA is navigating a new path post-FIFA breakup, and this price reduction could be a strategy to attract a new wave of players. Whether it’s due to the shaky start, the shift in business model, or the need to stir up more interest in the game, FC 24’s price drop is an opportunity for those who’ve been on the fence about giving it a go.

EA Sports FC 24 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. If you’ve been curious about the game, now might be the perfect to snatch it for a bargain price.

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