FC 24 Spring Update Announced

Title Update #11 for FC 24 has been confirmed by EA and it’s massive!

The new update introduces 86 new star heads, enhancing the gameplay with PlayStyle tuning and adjustments to Legendary CPU AI difficulty. Additionally, it incorporates new animations created from volumetric data captured during the UCL Group Stage. The patch also addresses several issues that have been highlighted by the community.

Here are the full patch notes summarized:


This update focuses on refining PlayStyles and PlayStyles+, aiming to ensure a strategic distinction between them. EA introduced several tuning adjustments as displayed below:

Minor Adjustments:

  • Tiki Taka: Reduced first-time pass accuracy and quality.
  • Pinged Pass: Lowered Driven Pass accuracy.
  • Pinged Pass+: Improved Driven Pass accuracy.
  • Jockey: Slowed maximum Sprint Jockey speed.
  • Press Proven: Decreased ball shielding effectiveness.
  • Press Proven+: Boosted ball shielding effectiveness and the impact of the Strength Attribute during shielding.
  • Long Ball Pass/Long Ball Pass+: Diminished cross accuracy.
  • Power Header: Increased speed of balls from less powerful headers.
  • Dead Ball: Shortened set piece preview line.

Major Adjustments:

  • Power Header+: Slowed ball speed for medium to high-powered headers.
  • Relentless/Relentless+: Cut stamina recovery during half-time and extra time.
  • Aerial+: Lowered added running and jogging jump height.
  • Power Shot/Power Shot+: Reduced ball speed from Power Shots.

These adjustments aim to fine-tune the gameplay, offering a more varied and strategic experience in Squad building and on-field tactics.

CPU AI Changes

The Spring Update revises Legendary CPU AI difficulty to enrich gameplay, implementing key changes:

  • AI Strategy Modification: Legendary AI now varies its tactics, especially near the penalty area, with less emphasis on tiki taka play.
  • PlayStyle Alignment: CPU AI players more accurately reflect their PlayStyles in shot choices.
  • Error Proneness: Players with lower Composure are more likely to commit mistakes under pressure.

These adjustments enhance defensive play, giving players more time to anticipate and counter AI moves, thus deepening strategic gameplay. The update also introduces variability in team behaviors and responses, making each match feel distinct and challenging.

New Animations, Celebration & Skill Move

The update also introduces new animations thanks to the advanced HyperMotionV technology and full team volumetric data from real-life UEFA Champions League Group Stage matches.

Key Additions:

  • Shooting Animations: 4 new shooting animations have been added, including one inspired by a goal from Haaland, captured from multiple real-world competitive games.
  • New Skill Move – Idle Stepover: A skill move inspired by Vinícius Jr.. This Idle Stepover is exclusive to players with the Trickster PlayStyle and can be activated by pressing L2+R2 || LT+RT while standing.
  • New Clearance Animation: A new defensive clearance animation has been added, drawn from a highlight in a 2024 UCL match between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, designed to enhance goal line save situations.
  • New Celebration: Jude Bellingham iconic celebration will featured in FC 24.

Ultimate Team

The Spring Update brings significant enhancements to Football Ultimate Team, particularly in adjusting the Legendary CPU AI difficulty and introducing new player items.

Key Changes:

  • Updated Legendary Difficulty – The update removes Competitor Mode from Legendary difficulty in Squad Battles and Single Player Ultimate Team Draft, aiming for a smoother difficulty curve. Competitor Mode remains active for Ultimate Difficulty.
  • New SBCs –  Featuring Player Items from Sheffield United, Burnley, and Luton Town will be available, spotlighting the promoted English Premier League teams.
  • PlayStyles UI in Online Matches – A fix has been implemented to show PlayStyle indicators next to the stamina bar during matches, improving gameplay awareness.

EA also addressed the following issues:

  • Stadium lights could have darkened during matches in some situations.
  • When viewing a Squad in Squad Battles, the Player Items did not always display correctly.
  • Evolving an Icon Player Item unintentionally removed the Icon Profile tab from the Player Bio screen.
  • Some Objectives displayed placeholder images.
  • In some cases, the Player Injury Pause Menu did not function as intended.
  • When viewing a Squad in Squad Battles, the Player Items did not always display correctly.
  • Evolving an Icon Player Item removed the Icon Profile tab from their Player Bio screen.
  • A stability issue could have occurred when viewing the Player Bio on Loan Items.
  • Level 12 Seasonal rewards did not display correctly.
  • A stability issue could have sometimes occurred at the end of match Pause Menu.

New Star Heads

Title Update #11 brings 86 new player star heads and 9 face updates to EA SPORTS FC 24. You can expect to see improved likeness of players across the English Premier League and Germany’s Bundesliga for players of all caliber, including prominent performers of this season such as Jérémy Doku, Kaoru Mitoma, Rasmus Højlund and Micky Van De Ven.

Furthermore, three new manager star heads are included in the update: Ange Postecoglou, Rob Edwards and Mauricio Pellegrino. The full list of new star heads can be viewed here.

These star heads will become visible following a Squads Update that will come shortly after the Spring Update.

Furthermore, the patch includes updates to some messages, button callouts, celebrations, balls, gloves, celebrations, boots, kits, badges, banners, flags, scarves, and tifos.

For a more detailed description of the update please check the official Pitch Notes article from EA.

The update will be available on PC, XB1, PS4, XBSX|S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch in the following days.

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