Amazing Celebrations That Are Not in FC 24

When talking of celebrations in EA Sports FC 24, fans have an enormous list to pick from. This is because each year, EA adds several new exhilarating celebrations that add an extra layer of joy, flair, and competitiveness to your gameplay experience.

But as gamers focus on the new celebrations, they fail to notice the ones that have been scrapped off. From “One Two Three Camera Focus” to Paul Pogba’s popular DAB dance, here are six iconic celebrations that have been removed from the game without many noticing. These celebrations were at some point loved by many gamers.

1. One Two Three Camera Focus (FIFA 16 – FIFA 20)

you can sush and dab all you want but the sheer joy this celebration gives :*
byu/Slsouvik245 inEASportsFC

Just like the name suggests, the “One Two Three Camera Focus” celebration involved running to the camera and then counting one to three using fingers. It was introduced in FIFA 16 but completely disappeared after FIFA 20.

Also, the “Heart Camera Focus” (FIFA 16 – FIFA 20) and “Jingz Camera Focus” (FIFA 19) were scrapped from the game without many realizing. However, there are other camera focus celebrations that can be done in FC 24.

2. Why Always Me (FIFA 13 – FIFA 16)

‘Why Always Me?’ is an iconic catchphrase coined by Italian striker Mario Balotelli and was printed on his undershirt and revealed to the world during a Premier League match between Manchester United and Manchester City in the 2011-12 season.

The celebration immediately became a hit on FIFA 13 after the release of the game but was scrapped off after FIFA 16. There have been various petitions to bring back the celebration, but EA are yet to listen to the fans.

3. Point to Thigh – (FIFA 13 – FIFA 19) 

Another iconic celebration removed from the game without many knowing is “Point to Thigh”. Introduced in FIFA 13, it was first done in real life by Cristiano Ronaldo who pointed to his powerful thigh after scoring a screamer in a La Liga match against Osasuna. The celebration was removed from the game in FIFA 19.

4. The Bear – (FIFA 14 – FIFA 18)

“The Bear” was also first performed by Cristiano Ronaldo in real life before being introduced in FIFA. While others enjoyed it, The Bear was actually irritating. It was removed from the game after FIFA 18.

5. Muscle Flex (FIFA 13 – FIFA 22)

“Muscle Flex” is another iconic celebration that was performed by Mario Balotelli in real life. After scoring his second goal against Germany at Euro 2012, a quite sensational drilled effort, Balotelli proceeded to rip his shirt off instead of running around wildly or hugging his teammates.

The celebration was introduced in FIFA 13 and could be performed until FIFA 22, after which EA scrapped it off without many gamers realizing. However, there are variations of the muscle flex celebration which can be performed on EA Sports FC 24 such as the “Biceps Flex Celebration”.

6. DAB – (FIFA 17 – FIFA 20)

Considered by many to be the most toxic celebration in, DAB was introduced by EA in FIFA 17 and it quickly became a favourite among gamers before being removed in FIFA 20.

7. Spanish Archer – (FIFA 10 – FIFA 17)

Nobody can forget the iconic “Spanish Archer” celebration from the old FIFA series. The celebration was first performed by Atlético Madrid’s legend Kiko and made popular in modern times by strikers such as Fernando Torres and Edinson Cavani.

The celebration made its debut in the FIFA series with FIFA 10 and was available in the series until FIFA 17.

8. A-OK (FIFA 20 – FIFA 21)

Dele Alli’s famous “A-OK” celebration was short-lived as it only featured in the FIFA 20 edition of the series. The celebration that also became a social media trend got removed a year later due to its trolling in-game nature, together with the “Shush” celebration.

Furthermore, the former Spurs player stopped celebrating in this manner, so EA had another reason to drop this celebration. Similarly, Jesse Lingard’s “Milly Rock” celebration is not available anymore as the player stopped performing the celebration as well.

Following the transition from FIFA to EA Sports FC, a lot of celebrations have been ditched by the developers. But in their place we got more than new 30 new epic celebrations, including an additional set from real-world players, to increase your showboating skills. Check out some iconic celebrations to irritate your opponents with in FC 24.

FC 24 is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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