Brescia and Lecco To Return in FC 24

The two Serie B clubs are currently unlicensed in FC 24, however this is about to change soon.

Following the launch of EA SPORTS FC 24, fans were surprised to discover that Serie B teams Brescia and Lecco were represented in-game as ‘Brisigonza’ and ‘Borgocalcio’ respectively. This situation mirrored that of other Italian clubs such as Lazio, AS Roma, Atalanta and Napoli, which are present in FC 24 but feature generic names, crests, and kits due to licensing issues.

However, the case of Brescia and Lecco wasn’t related to licensing, as EA Sports and Serie B had forged a new partnership last year. The anomaly arose due to Reggina’s exclusion from the league because of financial irregularities, with Brescia taking its place following the relegation to Serie C last season.

On the other hand, Lecco were initially suspended from the league following promotion, due to late presentation of documentation regarding their stadium, as it was not up to league standards. After weeks of delays, the clubs were finally confirmed in early September, two weeks after the league has started.

During that period, the EA developers had no other choice than to add ‘Brisigonza’ and ‘Borgocalcio’ as placeholders until the Italian football federation confirmed the inclusion of the two Lombardy-based clubs in the 2023/24 Serie B calendar. Following the resolution, according to PianetaSerieB.it, both clubs will return fully licensed in FC 24 through a future Title Update.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the four aforementioned Serie A teams, which will continue to feature unlicensed in FC 24, as they signed exclusive deals with EA’s rival, Konami eFootball.

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