Database Analysis Reveals Interesting Numbers in FC 24

Discover key findings from a detailed analysis of EA Sports FC 24 player data. This comprehensive review offers insights into player stats, club rankings, and gameplay strategies, showcasing trends and patterns in football simulation gaming.

EA Sports FC 24’s recent surge in sales, thanks to Black Friday discounts, has brought a wave of new players to join those who’ve been enjoying the game since its release two months ago. For both groups, diving into the game’s player database is key to mastering it.

A recent data analysis shared on GitHub sheds light on player stats and game trends, offering practical insights for all FC 24 players. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, this analysis is a must-read to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Player Demographics in FC 24

The data, drawn from a pool of 17,326 players representing both men and women in the game, reveals a gender distribution of 91.5% male and 8.5% female players. This disparity aligns with the game’s inclusion of 5 women’s leagues compared to 36 men’s leagues. The analysis also reveals that the most common age among players is 23 years old.


A closer look at the database shows that 23.5% of players are left-footed, while the majority (76.5%) are right-footed. In terms of Skill Moves levels, out of the entire pool of players we discover that 1,952 are 1*, 7,509 are 2*, 6,676 are 3*, 1,230 are 4* and only 59 have the much desired 5*.

Similarly, the Weak Foot levels are distributed as follows: 1* (130), 2* (3,773), 3* (10,556), 4* (2,571) and 5* (296). As we can notice, most players in FC 24 have 2* Skill Moves and 3* Weak Foot.

An interesting highlight is the exclusive group of players with double 5* in-game that include:

  1. Alexia Putellas (Spain) –  FC Barcelona
  2. Caroline Graham Hansen (Norway) – FC Barcelona
  3. Neymar Jr (Brazil) – Al Hilal
  4. Debinha (Brazil) – KC Current
  5. Ousmane Dembélé (France) – Paris SG
  6. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (Georgia) – Napoli FC
  7. Rayan Cherki (France) – OL
  8. Cesinha (Brazil) – Daegu FC
  9. Osame Sahraoui (Norway) – SC Heerenveen

Regarding player positions, center backs are the most common in FC 24, with 3,121 players. Strikers (2,301) and midfielders (2,129) follow closely.

Image: 2eddd – github

Global Representation in FC 24

The analysis also sheds light on the countries with the highest representation in the game. England leads with 1,619 players, followed by Germany (1345) and Spain (1085). Furthermore, France boasts 949 players, followed by Argentina (886), USA (629) and Italy (487). The top 10 ranking is completed by the Netherlands with 420 players, Sweden (393) and lastly Republic of Ireland (387). Brazil and Poland missed the top 10 by 1 and 2 player(s) respectively.

Image: 2eddd – github

If we look at the countries with the highest average overall ratings (OVR) we find out that Mozambique and Palestine are on top with a 73 average OVR followed closely by Libya and Tanzania with 72 OVR while Brazil, Algeria and Portugal complete the podium with 71 OVR.

These standings may seem surprising, but it’s important to consider the number of players each country has in FC 24. Naturally, a higher number of players tends to lower the average overall ratings. The analysis also took in consideration a minimum of 200 players per country, yielding results more aligned with traditional football powerhouses:

  1. Brazil – 71 OVR
  2. Portugal – 71 OVR
  3. Spain – 70 OVR
  4. France – 69 OVR
  5. Italy – 69 OVR
  6. Netherlands – 69 OVR
  7. Argentina – 69 OVR
  8. Uruguay – 68 OVR
  9. Colombia – 68 OVR
  10. USA – 68 OVR

Some might be surprised to not see Germany and England in the top 10, but since those are the countries with most players in FC 24, the aforementioned rule of numbers applies. Currently, Germany stands in 13th place with 67 OVR while England is on 20th with 64 OVR.

Image: 2eddd – github

Club Dynamics in FC 24

Club representation in the game is another fascinating aspect in FC 24.  As it stands, Liverpool has the most players in their roster with 51 footballers, followed by Arsenal and River Plate with 49 players and Borussia Mönchengladbach with 33 players.

The most populated women clubs on the other hand are Houston Dash and OL with 29 players, followed closely by Chelsea with 28 players and KC Current and Vfl Wolfsburg with 27 players.


The analysis also revealed the clubs with the lowest average overall ratings, which could be of major interest for Career Mode fans that wish to challenge themselves. The clubs with the lowest roster rating currently in FC 24 are:

  1. Punjab FC (India) – 51 OVR
  2. UCD AFC (Ireland) – 53 OVR
  3. Drogheda United (Ireland) – 55 OVR
  4. Chennaiyin FC (India) – 55 OVR
  5. Jamshedpur FC (India) – 55 OVR
  6. Hyderabad FC (India) – 56 OVR
  7. Cork City (Ireland) – 56 OVR
  8. NorthEast United (India) – 56 OVR
  9. Odisha FC (India) – 56 OVR
  10. Nantong ZhiyunFC (China) – 56 OVR
  11. Shenzen FC (China) – 57 OVR
  12. Shelbourne (Ireland) – 57 OVR
  13. East Bengal (India) – 57 OVR
  14. Meizhou Hakka (China) – 57 OVR
  15. Dalian Pro (China) – 57 OVR
  16. Accrington (England) – 57 OVR
  17. Qingdao Hainiu (China) – 57 OVR
  18. Crawley Town (England) – 58 OVR
  19. Sligo Rovers (Ireland) – 58 OVR
  20. Kerata Blasters (India) – 58 OVR

On the other end of the spectrum, the teams with the highest average overall ratings are Inter Milan with nearly 80 OVR, FC Barcelona with 79.5 OVR, PSG with 79 OVR and Manchester City, Real Madrid and Chelsea with 78 OVR. While the top women’s club by average OVR are FC Barcelona (82), Bayern Munich (80), Chelsea (80), Wolfsburg (79.5), Arsenal and OL (78).


This detailed analysis of EA Sports FC 24 player data offers vital insights for players looking to enhance their gaming experience. Understanding these intricate details about player stats, club rankings, and gameplay dynamics not only boosts strategic play but also deepens the engagement with this immersive football simulation game.

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