UEFA eEURO 2024 Finals: What You Need To Know

As the excitement builds for the EURO 2024, another epic showdown is about to take place in the virtual arena. The inaugural UEFA eEURO 2024 tournament is set to kick off on July 7 in Berlin, Germany, bringing together eight of Europe’s top EA SPORTS FC players to compete for glory and a share of a massive €100,000 prize pool.

This one-day event promises to be an exciting showcase of elite eSports talent, and here you will find out everything you need to know about this tournament.

eEURO 2024 Format

The UEFA eEURO 2024 finals will be played on PlayStation 5 with EA SPORTS FC 24 as the main football simulator of course. Players are seeded into the bracket based on their performance at the FC Pro 24 Open. The tournament follows a single-elimination format, with each match consisting of a single game. If a match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, additional Golden Goal games will be played to determine the winner.

eEURO 2024 Finals Participants

The eight participants competing in this year’s tournament finals are:

  1. Vejrgang (Denmark)
  2. yuval (Israel)
  3. Obrun2002 (Italy)
  4. Andreas (Norway)
  5. AdrianCifuentes (Spain)
  6. iMertAL (Türkiye)
  7. CIG_ST92 (Ukraine)
  8. Umut (Germany)

Israel’s entry into the finals has also led to the inclusion of the Israel national team in FC 24, marking their first appearance since 2002. Following a request from the Israel Football Association (IFA) to EA Sports, the Israeli players will don the national team’s official uniforms in the upcoming tournament.

How to Watch eEURO 2024

Fans can watch the UEFA eEURO 2024 live on:

For those who miss the live broadcast, full streams and selected matches will be available for rewatching on the EA SPORTS FC PRO YouTube and Twitch channels.

eEURO 2024 Broadcast Times

Here are the local start times for the tournament:

  • North America:
    • New York: 10 AM
    • California: 7 AM
    • Texas: 9 AM
    • Mexico City: 8 AM
  • South America:
    • Buenos Aires: 11 AM
    • Bogota: 9 AM
    • São Paulo: 11 AM
  • Europe:
    • United Kingdom: 3 PM
    • Paris: 4 PM
  • Africa:
    • Lagos: 3 PM
    • Johannesburg: 4 PM
  • Asia and Oceania:
    • Hong Kong: 10 PM
    • Tokyo: 11 PM
    • Sydney: 12 AM
    • Wellington: 2 AM
  • Middle East:
    • Riyadh: 5 PM
    • Dubai: 6 PM

Prize Pool Distribution

As mentioned above, there will be a €100,000 prize pool available for this tournament that will be spread among the participants as follows:

  • 1st – $30,000
  • 2nd – $20,000
  • 3rd-4th –  $10,000
  • 5th-8th –  $7,500

he UEFA eEURO 2024 is set to be a must-watch event for any eSports fan. With top EA SPORTS FC players from across Europe competing, the action promises to be intense and full of surprises, so make sure not to miss it.

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