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New Glitch Allows Players To Play 3v3 in FC 24 Squad Battles

Drop whatever you are doing right now and fire up EA Sports FC 24. A major glitch has just been discovered by a number of community members that allows players to play Squad Battles in 3v3 mode.

How To Trigger The Glitch

In order to play Squad Battles in 3v3, just follow the next steps:

  1. Go to FC 24 Main Menu, select Kick Off mode and play Volta in 3v3.
  2. After completing a game, quit to main menu and go to Ultimate Team.
  3. Play Squad Battles.

If you are confident on yourself, you could even set the difficulty level to Ultimate. Since the CPU AI has only 3 players, they will struggle a lot and end up chasing your player who has the possession of the ball.

This is a very easy way to rank those much-needed Squad Battles points and get some spicy rewards. You can also follow our tips to get the best out of FC 24 Squad Battles mode.

How Will EA Respond?

It is interesting to see how EA will respond to this major glitch. If anything from the past is an indicator, EA might disable entering the game mode altogether. It is also worth noting that EA has not been kind to the players who have recently abused glitches in their games. In FIFA 23, people that have exploited “Free SBC Glitch” were banned by EA citing that they have violated Terms of Services.

Therefore, you are advised to use this glitch at your own risk.

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