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First FM24 Update Released

Following the global launch last week, the first official patch for Football Manager 2024 is now available. This update addresses issues highlighted by the community since the game’s Early Access phase.

In this initial update, various aspects of the game have been revised. The database has been updated to reflect recent real-world events more accurately. Adjustments have been made to player attributes and team kits from Turkey and France.

The update primarily focuses on general gameplay improvements, including modifications to AI loan offer frequency, player dissatisfaction, and duplicated clauses in player contracts impacting club finances. The update also brings more diversity and precision to managers’ preferred playing styles. Additionally, changes have been made to currency representation and youth league scheduling in certain regions.

The update also includes stability enhancements aimed at resolving significant technical issues reported by the community. Below you can check the full changelog:

Update Notes FM24 PC/Mac

Licensing / Database

  • Kit updates
  • Updated database to reflect real world key events
  • Updated some players in the Turkish data

Match Engine

  • Reduced frequency of injuries to goalkeepers

Bug fixing

  • Stability fixes for crash issues that were reported via our Backtrace servers
  • Fixed an issue which causes save games that have added/removed leagues not loading.
  • Fixed an issue with “Lack of squad depth” unhappiness
  • Fixed an issue with Determination attribute changing rapidly for new singings after being welcomed to club by a teammate
  • Fixed an issue where some transfer and contract clauses were being duplicated
  • Fixed an issue which causes AI teams to make an excessive amount of loan offers
  • Fixed a bug causing imported FM23 saves staff & managers to default to a “Wing Play” strategy
  • Fixed currency representation in Korean
  • Fixed an issue with Korean U21 players not having games scheduled

Licensing and Database changes require starting a new save game for them to be applied.

FM24 Mobile Update

The mobile version also received a minor update, featuring the next changes:

  • Fixed various crashes and stability issues, particularly in MyClub mode
  • Fixed Event Manager crash on closing app
  • Fixed storage manager crash when closing game from recents
  • Fixed issue where tactical changes would sometimes automatically be made for the human manager if using Original Match Engine
  • Other minor tweaks and enhancements including:
    • Updated game data including some licensing fixes

More Content Update To Come

The dev team is also diligently working on a broader set of updates, with an upcoming target release date, to address additional feedback received from the community such as:

  • Improvements to AI squad building and substitutions logic
  • Further updates to the match engine
  • Updates to player interactions
  • Quality of life improvements
  • Additional stability updates & bug fixes
  • Localisation fixes and updates
  • Data updates

The update is designed to download and install automatically. If this doesn’t happen, it is advised to follow the steps outlined in the how-to install/update guide. Players can submit further feedback and bug reports on Sports Interactive official Bug Tracker.

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