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6 Wonderkids You Must Sign in Football Manager 2024

Football Manager is arguably the most detailed football game around with scout reports on some 480,000 players available. These players vary from amateur level up to the sport’s truly elite with each player being assigned a ‘Current Ability’ and a ‘Potential Ability’ score out of 200.

To reach the pinnacle of the game, it is vital to stack your squad full of world-class talents like Kylian Mbappé or Kevin De Bruyne. Unfortunately, world-class players are expensive. That’s where wonderkids come into play. If you can find the right player, you can often pick them up for just a few million quid and develop them into world-class talents that can win you the lot!

In our list below, we’ve picked out a few wonderkid hidden gems that you can pick up on the relatively cheap early on in your save. All of these players are 19 or younger as of the start date of most saves, have a potential ability of 150+ and can be picked up at a reasonable price.


Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro: AZ Alkmaar

Starting this list in goal, we have 19-year-old Netherlands goalkeeper, Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro. At the beginning of your save, he will be in AZ’s B team, yet to make a start for the first team and as such, his transfer value is rather low with an offer of just over £5m being potentially enough to prize him away.

With a potential ability between 140-170, Owusu-Oduro could become one of the best goalkeepers in the game if given enough playtime so picking him up on the cheap is a no-brainer.


Patrick Dorgu: Salento

In defence, our recommendation is Danish 18-year-old, Patrick Dorgu. Dorgu starts the game at Salento (also known as U.S. Lecce) in the Italian Serie A with the left-back valued between £5.4m and £8.2m.

Even at just 18, he possesses well-rounded physical stats along with good dribbling and determination that could see him become a monster attacking full-back over time. Again, Dorgu is in the category of 140-170 potential ability.


Assan Ouédraogo: Schalke 04

Assan Ouédraogo is the latest product to come out of Schalke and at 17-years-old he is already featuring regularly in the Bundesliga 2 this season. Luckily, on Football Manager he is yet to make his leap up to the first team and that makes him that bit cheaper with the game valuing him between £8.6m and £10.5m.

The German has a potential ability between 150 and 180 and has all the qualities to become a fantastic midfielder capable of producing magic in the final third.

Sverre Halseth Nypan: Rosenborg BK

Another excellent central midfield option with 150-180 potential ability is Norwegian, Sverre Halseth Nypan. The 16-year-old is already a regular in Rosenborg’s midfield and with the teenager still playing in his home league, he is arguably the biggest bargain on this list with it being quite possible to get him for under £5m.

At 16, he already possesses incredibly well-rounded stats and given adequate playtime, he has the potential to be one of the best players in the game.


David Martínez: LAFC

Although not quite as much of a bargain as he was at the release of FM24 when he still played in his home country of Venezuela, David Martínez still represents excellent value once you can pry him away from Los Angeles.

He’s just 17 at the start of the game and has a market value of only £5.2m-£6.4m. The tricky wide player can play all the way across attacking midfield and has bags of dribbling ability and flair. With a potential of 140-170, if you can get him for just a few million, he represents an unbelievable investment.


Shaqueel Van Persie: Feyenoord

Likely the most expensive name on this list, 16-year-old Feyenoord talent Shaqueel Van Persie, son of Dutch legend Robin Van Persie, is a striker with incredible potential on FM24 but you are likely looking at a fee of upwards of £20m.

Given he has a potential ability between 150 and 180 that could all prove worthwhile a few years down the line and if he turns out to be even half as clinical as his father, then you’ve signed a striker who can do it at the highest level.

There you have it, six of the best hidden gem wonderkids available on FM24. These star boys are certain to light up your saves in a few years so make sure you get them signed up early!

*All photos are taken on July 3rd in-game, the traditional start of English pre-season. Player prices will vary from save to save.

Keen writer on all things sports and gaming! Big Arsenal fan, to my detriment, and one time Singaporean Premier League champion on Football Manager!
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