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FM24: New Main Data Update Released

Sports Interactive announced that the latest Main Data Update for Football Manager 2024 is now available on all platforms, introducing a massive overhaul with over six million data changes. This update brings players the most current rosters following the winter transfer window, along with adjustments to player abilities and attributes reflecting their performances since the game was released.

In addition to roster updates, the Main Data Update enhances the game with numerous fixes and improvements affecting various aspects of the game. Here is the full changelog for update 24.3:

Gameplay, UI and Technical

  • General stability and crash fixes
  • Fixed exploit where AI clubs accepted human manager’s transfer offers that were substantially lower than the player’s market value
  • Fixed issue where negative budgets were given to clubs even when they are performing well financially
  • Tweaks to how players are scouted that will ensure more Recommendations and Near Matches are generated in Recruitment Focuses
  • Tweaks to AI logic when evaluating whether to loan list young players
  • Managers now receive a wider range of offers when they offer players out for loan via the TransferRoom
  • Fixed issue where top clubs were signing too many centre-backs
  • Improvements to the ESC Work Permit process
  • Fixed issue where VAR is missing in the knockout stages in UEFA Europa League
  • Fixed issue where semi-pro training is set to unavailable as soon as the user modifies the schedule of a match week
  • Some clauses that were previously inactive can now be bought or sold
  • Fixed issue where order of attributes in Training and player profile are different when the game is in certain languages
  • Fixed issue where the Staff Responsibilities disappeared randomly
  • Fixed issue where Home Grown status progress wasn’t displaying in the player information screen
  • Fixed issue where players were able to play for First and Second teams during intra-squad friendly
  • Fixed issue where no rain and snow particles were shown in matches
  • Klopp and Xavi to leave their current clubs at the end of the 2023/24 season
  • Fixed issue where Spanish clubs were registering low squad sizes
  • Fixed an issue where Turkish clubs weren’t registering full squad on registration deadline day
  • 2024 UEFA Champions League knockout stage match ball updated

Competitions and Rulegroups

  • Competition update for Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Finland, China, Canada, USA, Colombia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland (Liechtensteiner Cup), continental competitions and more
  • Fixed issue where Trained in Nation players were not being counted in registration
  • [Austria] Fixed issue where players get unhappy during the Austrian winter break
  • [Asia] – fixed instances of teams playing in both continental club competitions at the same time
  • [Belgium] KV Oostende have a total of six points deduction
  • [Brazil] Major work on state championship scheduling in order to alleviate general fixture congestion
  • [China] Added bespoke early start date for users wanting to utilise the first transfer window in 2024
  • [England] Added text to squad registration screen to inform the user all loan players must be registered regardless of age in the Championship
  • [England] Added prize money for all rounds in the Carabao Cup
  • [France] Fixed issue where the Ligue 1 winter ball is used for the rest of the season following the winter start date
  • [Germany] Added a playoff for final league position in the Bundesliga in the event all other sorting rules are tied
  • [Japan] Fixed issue where youth players’ Home Grown status is not displaying correctly in Japan
  • [Singapore] Albirex Niigata now use regular league rules after converting to being a “local” club
  • [Turkey] Improvements to definition of the Turkic/TITP player rules in the Turkish Super League
  • [World] Fixed issue where the World Cup 2026 hosting nations don’t play their matches in their own nations

Database 24.2

  • Over six million database changes since the initial release of FM 24

Pre-Game Editor

  • Fixed issue where existing person names couldn’t be edited
  • Fixed issue where female non-players can’t be added to database
  • Fixed issue where there was no option for female in the gender search dropdown
  • Fixed issue where player transfers would not take effect in Real World mode
  • Gibraltar and Japan now appear as editable nations in the Current Nations list

To see the gameplay adjustments in your current careers, no action is needed, but to experience the updated data, starting a new save is necessary. For leagues that align with the calendar year, the update includes data only up to the end of the 2023 season, excluding transfers for 2024.

Furthermore, FM24 Mobile players will find three new gameplay challenges in the update, offering fresh scenarios to test managerial skills. Additionally, Netflix has introduced in-game achievements to reward players’ success.

The developer also noted that another data update will drop in the following weeks, which will include transfers and player data changes from other transfer windows, such as the MLS.

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