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First-Ever Football Manager World Cup Announced

Football, gaming and esports fans have something special to look forward to this year. FIFAe has teamed up with Sports Interactive to launch the first-ever FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager.

This exciting event will bring together the best gaming tacticians from around the globe, setting the stage for an intense competition that combines digital and traditional football like never before.

The inaugural FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager is set to take place from August 29 to September 1 in Liverpool, and it promises to be a game-changer in the world of esports. Selected member associations will send their top players, ensuring a diverse and competitive field. These players will compete for a whopping USD 100,000 in prize money, showcasing their tactical abilities and football knowledge in Football Manager 2024.

Furthermore, Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development and former Arsenal manager, has been named the event’s ambassador.

Players interested in participating can sign up via FIFA.GG to learn more about the qualification process in their territory.

This event is part of a broader push by FIFAe to integrate traditional sports with esports, which also includes a new partnership with Rocket League. The first-ever FIFAe World Cup featuring Rocket League will see 16 nations compete for the title of world champions.

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