FC Pro Open’s Inaugural Week: Round-Up

Dive into the thrilling first week of the FC Pro Open, featuring intense matchups among leading esports players.

After a well battled Global Qualifier, the 20 finalists now have to take it even further in their journey for the FC Pro Open title and the largest portion of the whopping $500,000 prize pool.

The FC Pro Open’s opening week concluded with impressive performances from top esports players worldwide. Group A‘s competition was fierce, with Umut, Emre Yilmaz, H1dalgo, Lukas, and Mark11 vying for a spot in the finals.

Highlights from FC Pro Open’s First Week

The event started with a high-stakes match between RBLZ Gaming’s Umut and Team Gullit’s Emre Yilmaz, ending in a well-matched 4-4 draw. Both players praised each other’s skills, highlighting the competitiveness of the tournament.

In another opening game, newcomer Lukas faced H1dalgo, who secured a crucial 4-3 victory, thanks to Ronaldinho’s decisive performance.

H1dalgo continued his winning streak by defeating FIFAe World Cup runner-up Mark11. Emre Yilmaz also claimed a significant victory over Lukas, setting the stage for more intense battles.

However, both Mark11 and Lukas struggled in their third matches, with FUTWiz’s Mark11 losing to Yilmaz and Umut narrowly defeating Lukas.

Mark11’s hopes dwindled after a loss to Umut, while Yilmaz maintained his lead by defeating H1dalgo. The night’s final matches saw Lukas keep his chances alive with a win against Mark11, while H1dalgo’s prospects dimmed after a loss to Umut.

Group A Standings

As the night ended, Emre Yilmaz and Umut led the table with 10 points each. H1dalgo remained in contention, while Lukas and Mark11 faced uphill battles.

Impact on FC Pro Live Items

The success of Yilmaz and Umut boosted the ratings of their chosen FC Pro Live items, Donyell Malen and Renan Lodi, enhancing their value in Ultimate Team. While H1dalgo’s Sadio Mané and Lukas’ Randal Kolo Muani got upgraded as well.

The first week of the FC Pro Open showcased the strategic depth and skill of esports’ finest players. With more action to come in Group B, featuring players like FacuCowen and Happy, the excitement continues on December 4th with the kick-off of Match Week 2.

What are the FC Pro Open Dates?

The final phase of the FC Pro Open will be held over an 8-week schedule as presented below:

  • Match Week 1 – 27th Nov, 2023 
  • Match Week 2 – 4th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 3 – 11th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 4 –18th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 5 – 8th Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 6 –15th Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 7 – 22nd Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 8 – 29th Jan, 2024 
  • Final – 3rd Feb, 2024

Fans can tune in to EA Sports’ Twitch and YouTube channels and see their favourite pros compete for the FC Pro Open title.

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