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FC Pro Live Promo Revealed

During the broadcast of the last day of the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, EA unveiled the next promo that will be available in FC 24 Ultimate Team – FC Pro Live.

This will be the first promo in the history of Ultimate Team that will celebrate the competitive side of FC 24 with the aim to bring more attention to the esports scene. The community complained about a sense of weariness in Ultimate Team this year with recycled promos such as Road to the Knockout (RTTK) or Centurions, therefore the release of a fresh and original campaign is much welcomed. Here are all the details shared until now on FC Pro Live.

What’s FC Pro Live?

FC Pro Live is a promotional campaign in FC 24 Ultimate Team that will feature new special player items based on the performances of FC Pro Open players. For this promo, professional FC 24 players will get designated an Ultimate Team player item to their squad for the entire FC Pro season.

How Does It Work?

Similar to RTTK, the player items will begin at a base level at the campaign launch, and if the pro players perform well in FC Pro Open, the items will get upgrades in Ratings, PlayStyles, Skill Moves and Weak Foot.

The new player items will be available in-game via Packs, SBCs and Objectives.

The event will kick off on Friday, November 17th and gamers will have to tune in to Twitch and YouTube and see their items grow as the pros will compete for the FC Pro Open title.

What are the FC Pro Open Dates?

With the conclusion of the Global Qualifier, 20 professional players will compete in the final phase of the FC Pro Open over an 8-week schedule as presented below:

  • Match Week 1 – 27th Nov, 2023 
  • Match Week 2 –4th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 3 -11th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 4 –18th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 5 – 8th Jan , 2024 
  • Match Week 6 –15th Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 7 – 22nd Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 8 – 29th Jan, 2024 
  • Final – 3rd Feb, 2024

Gamers can earn additional rewards this season by watching live FC Pro matches thanks to the new viewership rewards program that include free packs, cosmetic items and seasonal XP.

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