How To Become an FC Founder

Following the release of FC 24, EA Sports announced the introduction of Founder Status celebrating players that join the new franchise.

By becoming an FC Founder, players will get a unique badge and kits, along with other perks in FC 24 Ultimate Team. The benefits will extend beyond FC 24 and will allow players to claim exclusive content in future EA SPORTS FC editions. This is a one-time opportunity for players to get these rewards and show that they were one of the first to join.

How To Get The FC Founder Status

The requirements are simple, play EA SPORTS FC 24 by November 1st, and players will be eligible for the Founder Status.

FC Founders will get special recognition in-game. One of the examples includes a unique animation when starting the game, celebrating their Founder Status. There will also be a personal Founder Badge in the game menus, which stays in their FC 24 Ultimate Team club and will be present in future versions as well.

FC Founder Rewards

As mentioned above, the first rewards included in this package are a unique badge and special kits that will unlock the ability to complete certain XP Objectives by wearing those particular kits in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Another benefit of this program is that gamers can get a special chance to upgrade a player in their club, thanks to the Evolutions feature added recently in Ultimate Team. This one-of-a-kind Founder Player will be unique and available only to Founders.

To enable this perk, players will need to open their Founder Pack from the “My Packs” section of Ultimate Team and use the Founder Evolution item. This will unlock the Founder Evolution tab in-game that will allow users to evolve players that fit the criteria of this Evolution and complete objectives to upgrade them into that unique Founder Player item.

EA Sports confirmed that more Founder Evolution rewards will be released throughout the year.

This offer also includes the Founder Stadium Vanity pack, which will enhance the stadiums of FC Founders with unique tifos.

The FC Founder program is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of FC 24.

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