Update 3.4.0 Rolls Out for eFootball 2024

The eagerly awaited update 3.4.0 for eFootball 2024 is now available, bringing with it a plethora of enhancements and changes.

This update focuses on refining gameplay dynamics, adding new features, and updating data to reflect the latest in the world of football. Below is a comprehensive overview of the updates and additions introduced in this version, including a collaboration with the popular anime “BLUE LOCK.”.

General Updates and Additions

The following updates and additions has been made available in eFootball 2024:

  • Position Training: A new feature that allows players to acquire and add Position Proficiencies, enhancing flexibility and strategic depth.
  • Booster Effects and Conditions: Revisions have been made to the explanation screens for a clearer understanding of game mechanics.
  • Top Menu Structure: Changes to the layout when logged out have been implemented for improved navigation.
  • Manager Team Playstyle Proficiencies: Adjustments ensure a more realistic impact on gameplay.
  • New Stadium Addition: The iconic Estadio Olímpico Universitario is now part of the game’s venue lineup.

Data Updates

As a commitment to authenticity, the following components have been updated:

  • Player visuals and stats
  • 241 new player faces
  • Team uniforms
  • Club emblems
  • Equipment including cleats and balls
  • Stadium graphics and ambient advertisements
  • Media backdrops and corner flags
  • Enhancements to cinematics and animations, including new celebrations
  • Refreshed commentary for a more immersive experience

New Season Data Updates

Reflecting the dynamism of football, team structures from the following leagues have been updated with the latest season data:

  • Brasileirão Assaí
  • Brasileirão Betano Série B
  • USL Championship

Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments

The next gameplay adjustments and modifications have been made with a particular emphasis on defending:


  • Enhanced transition between normal dribbling and Dash Dribbling for better responsiveness.


  • Corrected unnaturally fast player movement when controlling the ball.
  • Adjusted ball control to use the inside of the foot in more realistic scenarios.


  • Improved player ability to receive passes.
  • Adjusted low passes for better teammate selection.
  • Made lofted through passes more receivable.
  • Adjusted goalkeeper throws for better team play.
  • Introduced new kicking motions for “Outside Curler” skill, enhancing control and direction.


  • Adjusted headers for more realistic trajectories based on player positioning and posture.
  • Enhanced heading motions for situational appropriateness.
  • Reduced off-target headers for freer players.


  • Updated T. Kubo’s free kick and corner-kick motions with real-life data.
  • Reduced extra touch occurrences, promoting one-touch play.
  • Adjusted kicking accuracy for difficult angles and behind-the-player passes.
  • Improved free kick motions for situation-appropriate actions.


  • Adjusted to consider only “Tackling” stat in defensive touch heaviness.
  • Enhanced tackling and blocking motions for realism.
  • Improved player judgment in block attempts, preventing unrealistic blocks.
  • Restricted sliding tackles to players with the specific skill.
  • Addressed slow sharp-angled turns and unnecessary cursor switches post-corner.
  • Fixed unnatural heading attempts and delayed command responsiveness in avoidance scenarios.


  • Adjusted “Classic No. 10” players to be more offensive, excluding CMF from their eligible positions.
  • Refined AI to hold the ball less and match difficulty adjustments.
  • Reduced unnecessary defensive drop-backs, improving positioning.
  • Adjusted goal coverage moves, affecting player responsiveness based on “Defensive Engagement.”
  • Corrected player positioning issues during crosses and corner kicks.
  • Enhanced free kick and throw-in positioning for strategic play.
  • Addressed in-penalty-area fouls by non-controlled players and improved shot interaction.


  • Made foul decisions fairer and improved advantage play decisions.


  • Adjusted player positioning in match-ups for better defensive selection.
  • Addressed team press activation issues and set-piece responsiveness.
  • Ensured taller and aerially strong players are less likely chosen for short corners.

Other Gameplay Enhancements

  • Fixed issues where players could get stuck together, lose the ball when avoiding tackles, or experience unnatural ball bounces.
  • Implemented various adjustments to enhance the overall match experience.

General Fixes

This update also addresses specific bugs and errors for a seamless gaming experience, including visual discrepancies of some Player Cards from “POTW: European Club Championship and incorrect Objective names.

eFootball2024 is launching an exciting collaboration campaign with the popular soccer anime “BLUE LOCK,” bringing a unique blend of animation and virtual soccer to fans. From March 21 to April 11, 2024, players can enjoy a range of specially designed content, including Player Cards and Avatars featuring “BLUE LOCK” characters, along with an in-game campaign.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

  • Special Packs: The “BLUE LOCK Pack: Yoichi Isagi” offers players, a collaboration avatar, uniform, and multiple training programs, letting players distinguish their team with exclusive content.
  • Special Illustrated Player Cards: Players can obtain “T. Kubo” and “F. Inzaghi” Player Cards with unique designs through login presents. Additionally, “Chance Deals” provide opportunities over three weeks to sign one of eight players from the “Highlight: BLUE LOCK” Special Player List.
  • Challenge and Tour Events: The “BLUE LOCK 1st Selection” challenge event and the “BLUE LOCK 2nd Selection” tour event allow players to earn Chance Deals for special player lists and collect exclusive Avatars and the “BLUE LOCK TEAM WHITE” Uniform.
  • Campaign Objectives and Rewards: Completing specific objectives rewards players with up to 8 collaboration-exclusive Avatars and various in-game items.

This collaboration not only introduces new, themed content to eFootball 2024 but also offers fans of “BLUE LOCK” an immersive way to engage with their favorite anime characters within the game. Don’t miss out on this limited-time event to enhance your eFootball 2024 experience with special packs, player cards, avatars, uniforms, and more.

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