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FC 24 Team of the Year Pack Grind: League SBCs for Cheap

The race to secure those elusive endgame cards intensifies as the Team of the Year (TOTY) event approaches in EA Sports FC 24.

The Bronze Pack Method (BPM) stands out as a cost-effective strategy for building a steady supply of packs. This guide will break down the most logical and efficient order to grind League SBCs, ensuring a continuous flow of packs for the TOTY event.

Step 1: Opening Bronze Packs

Kickstart the pack grind by investing 50k coins in bronze packs. Sell any bronze items valued above 500 coins, with a particular focus on players, especially those from off-league and League SBCs. Discard items that don’t hold significant value, but remember to check managers before discarding.

Step 2: Crafting Premium Bronze and Silver Upgrades

Identify off-league players not required for the “Mixed League SBC” or “Premium Mixed League SBC.” Place these players into the “Premium Bronze Upgrade” and “Premium Silver Upgrade.” Additionally, complete the “Daily Gold Upgrade” three times a day for extra efficiency for as long as it is available.

Step 3: Completing the Mixed League SBC

Prepare your club for Premium Mixed League SBC by doing some runs of the Mixed League SBC. Complete these with the players stocked in your club, and buy any missing pieces. Special attention should be given to the LIB/SUD section, where you need six players from the same club.

Do your research on the transfer market to find the cheapest club for this section. Ensure to bid on players for a more cost-effective approach. Follow the same strategy for other sections, adjusting the number of players needed for specific SBCs.

Step 4: Maximising Packs from Mixed League SBC

Open all packs obtained through the Mixed League SBCs except the final one (Small Rare Players Pack). Save this pack for the TOTY event for a chance at packing top-tier players.

Remember to sell all players obtained from tradeable sections to maintain a balanced coin balance.

Step 5: Completing Premium Mixed League SBC

Utilise the players stocked in your club to complete the Premium Mixed League SBC efficiently. For the LaLiga/Premier section, choose to either save the Small Rare Players Pack for TOTY or open it immediately to keep a constant supply of rare cards going into your club.

For Bundesliga/Serie A, it is advisable to open the pack as it is tradeable and helps in keeping your coin balance healthy. In the Libertadores/Conmebol section, bid on players to lower costs. Prioritise higher-rated Boca and River Plate players to get you closer to the required squad rating.

In the Ligue 1/Eredivisie section, take advantage of your club-stocked cards. Needing only 6–7 players from the same team makes this SBC a breeze.

By mastering the Bronze Pack Method and strategically approaching League SBCs, you can ensure a continuous stream of packs for the Team of the Year event at a very low cost. Adapt and refine this method based on your club’s needs, making the most of the resources at your disposal. Good luck in your quest for those TOTY cards!

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