Update 3.5.0 Available for eFootball 2024

Following the release of Update 3.4.0 nearly a month ago, Konami just announced the release of a new update for eFootball 2024.

Update 3.5.0 for eFootball 2024 has been released, bringing with it a series of updates and bug fixes aimed at refining the overall game experience. This update includes enhancements to the visuals such as player and manager images, and updates to gameplay elements like cinematics and animations.

Additionally, several significant bugs have been addressed to ensure smoother gameplay. This compact update focuses on improving the game’s authenticity and stability.

Update 3.5.0 Changelog

Below you can check the full changelog for this update:

Updates and Additions

  • Licenses Updated: Ensuring all team and player data are up to date.
  • Visual Upgrades:
    • Player and manager photos and data.
    • 91 new player faces
    • Team strips, club emblems.
    • Boots, balls, and other gear.
    • Stadium graphics, including pitch-side ads, corner flags, and bibs.
  • Enhanced Game Elements:
    • Cinematics and animations for a more immersive experience.
    • Updated commentary for dynamic match narration.

Bug Fixes

  • “BLUE LOCK Collaboration” Campaign Issue: Fixed the display of GP icons instead of Avatars upon completing objectives.
  • Time Attack Event Glitch: Now displays the final page of rankings correctly.
  • Free-kick Command Configuration Error: Ensures defensive commands are applied properly during free-kicks.

This update is available for all supported platforms, enhancing the realism and enjoyment of eFootball 2024. Players are encouraged to download this latest version to access new features and improvements.

Season 6: “Bring the Energy, Bring the Noise”

Season 6 of eFootball 2024, themed “Bring the Energy, Bring the Noise,” kicked off as well recently. This season is designed to capture the high stakes and intense emotions of football at crucial points in the league.

Whether it’s the threat of relegation or the pursuit of the championship, each match is pivotal, and fans are encouraged to passionately support their favorite teams.

Season Highlights:

  • Campaigns and Commemorations: The season includes special campaigns like the Brazilian League kick-off and celebrations for recent winning club teams. A significant campaign to celebrate eFootball’s 7th anniversary is also planned later in the season.
  • Player Types and Special Events: A diverse array of player types will be introduced, enhancing the strategic depth of team building. Players can look forward to signing Epic and Highlight players, reflecting real-world high performers and football legends.
  • Special Player Appearances: Notable players such as Romário, J. Saviola, P. Lahm, and D. Albertini will be featured, alongside Highlight players available through Nominating Contracts. These players cover various positions and roles, offering exciting opportunities for team enhancement.
  • Updated Match Pass: Match Passes have been updated with new rewards. Players can access the Regular Match Pass for free, or opt for the Value and Premium Match Passes using eFootball Coins.

The season will run from April 11 to June 6, 2024. During this period, players can engage in themed events and earn rewards to strengthen their teams.

This update and the new season together promise to enrich the eFootball 2024 experience with more dynamic gameplay, enhanced visuals, and deeper team management options.

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