eFootball Essentials: Gateway to Glory

The Team of The Year extravaganza has recently bid us adieu in FC 24, leaving behind a trail of discontent among numerous players. From the exasperating pack weight woes to the infamous “Messigate” incident, the TOTY promo has frustrated and drained many. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, perhaps it’s time to momentarily step away from the high-octane drama of EA Sports FC 24 and try something refreshingly different. Now could be the perfect moment to reacquaint yourself with eFootball. Allow me to explain.

For the Football Enthusiast…

One wise comment on a Twitch chat once read: “If you compare eFootball with FIFA (EA Sports FC), you’ll hate it. But if you compare it to football, you’ll love it.” Unfortunately, I can’t remember who said this or whose stream it was used in, but it perfectly expresses how I feel about the game.

Comparing every pixel and controller tap of eFootball to FC will bring only dissatisfaction. Recognising that these are different games and approaching them as such allows you to enjoy the best of what both have to offer. FC flaunts its glamour and theatrics, while eFootball, as they love to say, has the pitch.

In eFootball, the allure lies not in flashy animations or flamboyant aesthetics. The mechanics are meticulously crafted to emulate the intricate subtleties of the beautiful game. It stands as the closest virtual counterpart to the genuine football experience. Picture this – winning games, not because your squad boasts the highest-rated players, but because you’ve outwitted your adversary with your impressive football IQ and ball knowledge.

You do not have to be a football nerd to enjoy the game, not in the slightest; it’s just nice to know that you can use real-world knowledge to your advantage in a video game.  This is the essence that eFootball offers, making it an ideal canvas for a captivating Road to Glory (RTG).

My League: Weaving a Legacy, Not Just a Squad

Now, My League is where the narrative takes an intriguing turn. It serves as eFootball 24’s response to Ultimate Team. Operating on a free-to-play model, pack sales and other microtransactions are Konami’s main source of income for the mode. Unlike FC 24, purchasing packs can offer benefits but is by no means necessary for engaging in competitive play.

In eFootball, the game has two in-game currencies: Coins and GP (Gaming Points). Coins, the premium in-game currency, are used to buy packs, which offer special versions of players, managers, and even entire teams. On the other hand, GP, earned through match participation and objective completion, is a versatile currency for acquiring standard player editions, recruiting managers, and carrying out various in-game tasks.

Coins are somewhat similar to FC Points but with a unique twist – players can also get them by completing objectives, granting even free-to-play enthusiasts access to players from special packs.

Paving Your Road to Glory

The question that looms large is: How does one embark on a triumphant RTG in eFootball? The answer is simple – immerse yourself in the game. Accumulate GP through active match involvement, secure promising talents, and sculpt your team’s trajectory.

The options are endless in the early stages of gameplay, from putting together a team of young U-23 players to giving veterans a final hurrah or creating a team based on nationality or club loyalty. But building the team of your dreams is just the beginning. Since every player starts at the lowest rating possible, you must guide their progress.

Player Development Emphasis

The Evolution feature in FC 24 Ultimate Team has been a noteworthy addition, giving players the ability to improve and upgrade their squad in previously unheard-of ways. In eFootball, on the other hand, this idea has always flourished. My League gives underdogs the spotlight to shine.

The path to success takes its natural course, with players improving through genuine gameplay rather than following a predetermined path. It goes beyond collecting elite players to include seeing the development you guide. Player experience points are accumulated from each match, so you can customise their growth to suit your needs. For example, you can choose to train E. Camavinga to play left-back, defensive midfield, or as your box-to-box player. The game allows you to unearth hidden gems, put in the work to advance them, and watch them rise to stardom.

Finding players who fit your team with the necessary skill set and excellent basic attributes becomes critical. You can build a team that can compete with the best, thanks to the abundance of hidden gems, and you can do it for free. Here, the road to glory pivots on the journey, not merely the final destination.

Enjoyable Competitiveness For Free

Here’s the pièce de résistance – in eFootball, enjoyment and competition thrive sans the need to empty your coffers on virtual packs. The pay-to-win element is unavoidable in football games because better cards will always perform better, but it largely takes a backseat here. More often than not, victories are earned on the pitch, not at the checkout counter.

If you’re not feeling the pull of Ultimate Team at the moment and you’d rather have a gaming experience rooted in the love for football, rest assured – eFootball has you covered. This laid-back alternative injects joy into gaming, devoid of unnecessary baggage. The road to glory beckons; the exploration is yours to undertake.

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