eFootball Mastering META: Player Skills

EA Sports FC 24 introduced Playstyles to the game, changing the way players build their teams in a major way. Playstyles can make the difference between your player scoring a finesse shot from long-range or successfully making a last-ditch tackle.

This has always been a factor in eFootball and PES before it. Just like Playstyles in FC 24, Player Skills are crucial when deciding who to put in your team. As a rule of thumb, you want to pick defenders with the best defensive skills, midfielders with the best passing skills, and so forth. Today, you will learn which skills are crucial in each position to help you dominate the virtual pitch.

Goalkeeper (GK)

Most goalkeepers will have the same skills in this game, with very few having skills that are not directly linked to the position. GK High Punt is good if you are playing a target man, and GK Low Punt is better if you kick the ball into wide areas.

These two entirely depend on your personal preference. However, the two crucial goalkeeper skills are GK Long Throw and GK Penalty Saver. GK Long Throw is a great skill for starting attacks with your goalkeeper and is probably the safest of the distribution skills.

GK Penalty Saving is a rare but crucial skill for GKs, allowing them to deny opponents from the spot more effectively.

Defensive Players (CB, LB, RB, DMF)

The Interception, Fighting Spirit, and Blocker skills are essential for all defensive players to disrupt opposition attacks. You generally want your defenders to cut out every pass, block every shot, and fight for every ball.

Those skills ensure that your defenders are always up for a battle. The Aerial Superiority and Heading skills are valuable assets for winning aerial duels and clearing dangerous crosses, particularly for central defenders (CB) and defensive midfielders (DMF). Fullbacks (LB/RB) also benefit from the Pinpoint Crossing skill, enabling them to deliver accurate crosses into the box. At the same time, Long Throw adds an extra dimension to their game.

Midfielders (DMF, CMF, AMF)

Midfielders carry out multiple roles, so they require diverse skills to control the game’s flow and create scoring opportunities for their team. Interception remains a key skill for midfielders, allowing them to win back possession and initiate attacks. The One-Touch Pass skill is a game-changer for DMFs, CMFs, and AMFs, facilitating quick and precise ball circulation to maintain possession in a game that loves to punish one-touch actions.

Through Pass and Weighted Pass add another layer of creativity, allowing midfielders to thread through balls into space for their teammates. For attacking midfielders (AMF), the First-Time Shot and Long Shot skills are also valuable for midfielders looking to add a goalscoring extra threat.


Wide players contribute heavily to the attack, either as providers or as goal scorers themselves. Skills that allow them to do both at a high level are crucial. First-Time Shot and One-Touch Pass are great for wingers, allowing them to react quickly to scoring opportunities and link up with teammates in tight spaces.

Through Pass and Weighted Pass enable wingers to unlock defences with penetrating passes behind the backline. Finally, the Long-Range Curler and Outside Curler skills add versatility to their attacking arsenal, allowing wingers to unleash accurate shots from distance or curl the ball around defenders with finesse.

Strikers (CF)

Strikers are tasked with finding the back of the net and making decisive contributions in front of goal. First-Time Shot and Acrobatic Finishing skills are essential for strikers to convert chances with as few touches as possible, regardless of whether the ball is played on the ground or in the air.

One-Touch Pass and Through Pass are also valuable for strikers, allowing them to link up with teammates and create goal-scoring opportunities in the final third. Aerial Superiority and Header are also particularly beneficial for strikers, enabling them to dominate aerial duels and convert crosses into goals with their heads.

General skills are also worth noting. Captaincy is of immense importance, as it can boost the entire team’s morale and influence their performance on the pitch. You should always have a player with this skill on the pitch and ensure they are wearing the captain’s armband for the skill to take place.

Having players on the bench with the Super Sub skill gives your substitutes a further boost to their attributes, injecting fresh energy and dynamism into the game during crucial moments. Additionally, attackers with a combination of the Double Touch, Sole Control, and Flip Flap skills can perform the skilled double touch skill move, which is perhaps the most META skill move in the game.

In eFootball, the skills your players have really shape how they perform. Defenders get better at defending, midfielders can pass more accurately, and forwards are more likely to score. It’s important to choose players with the right skills for their positions.

But it’s not just about their main skills. Players with extra skills and good overall stats usually do better. Knowing this can help you build a strong team that can succeed in every area of the game.

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