Graphic Details You Might Have Missed in FC 24

One thing EA Sports has been doing that isn’t talked about enough is the consistent meaningful improvements of their football game, formerly FIFA series.

Each year, EA has been producing a game that is better than the previous edition in terms of graphics and even gameplay. For FC 24, they introduced a new volumetric capture technology named HyperMotion V which uses artificial intelligence to extract data directly from match footage, hence creating a highly detailed experience.

With a focus on multiple gameplay adjustments, there are various graphic details that many have failed to notice while playing. This article highlights several amazing graphic details that you might not have known are in the game.

1. Adboard Collisions

One of the most impressive graphic details in FC 24 is the interactivity of the adboards with the players. Unlike in previous editions of the game, players can now collide with the adboards this year and even trip over them if they are caught off balance.

At low speed, the players just touch the adboard and then return to the pitch, mimicking real-life football.

2. Matchday Weather Conditions

During rainy weather, you can see water splashing off the players when they get hit by the ball. Also, droplets of water will fall from the net if a player hits the goalpost when it’s raining.

Additionally, you can see the players’ breath when playing during winter. However, the steam seems to be coming from the back of their heads, which is most likely a glitch.

During snow, the sidelines appear frozen, and you can clearly see this when your player is getting ready to take a corner kick.

3. Subs Warming Up on the Sidelines

Another remarkable graphic detail introduced in FC 24 is players warming up on the sidelines. While some can be seen stretching, others are busy jogging, preparing for entry into the match.

On the sidelines, ball boys will magically spawn the ball in their hand and throw it to your player for a throw-in or a goal kick.

4. Deformation of the ball and Fingertip Movement

If you zoom in on the ball in FC 24, you can see it getting deformed while your player is taking a shot. Also, there is fingertip movement from the goalkeeper when he punches the ball. However, the movement is exaggerated, as it appears like the goalkeeper gets their finger broken when saving powerful shots.

5. Offside Animation

If you don’t press the skip button immediately after an offside action, you can see that there is a new cinematic for offsides that wasn’t there in previous editions of the game.

6. Players Reacting During Penalty Shootout

While you might have seen managers holding talks with the players before a penalty shootout, you probably have missed the part where the players react to the shootout from the center of the pitch.

The reactions are not as intense and emotional, but you can read the body language of the players from both sides.

7. Accurate Representation of Diversity

With the inclusion of Women’s Football in Ultimate Team this year, EA took it to the next step with player representation in-game. In particular, the player models of Carson Pickett, who was born without her left forearm, and Tiffany Cameron, diagnosed with vitiligo, are accurately represented in FC 24.

7. Grass Particles during Power Shots and Slides

For the first time in EA’s football game, you can see grass particles during power shots and sliding tackles. Also, with every sliding tackle you make, you can see the surface of the game getting deteriorated.

9. Manager Personality

Another detail that might have been overlooked is how some managers have particular animations assigned to really reflect their real-life counterpart. For example, Real Madrid’s manager Carlo Ancelotti has his iconic chewing gum animation in-game.

Furthermore, Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp displays his energetic celebrations on the sideline.

10. Side Pitch Details

While the action is all on the pitch, it’s easy to miss what goes on around it. When you score a goal and fans go ballistic, there are police officers who help the stadium security to ensure no fans invade the pitch, which is quite the detail added by EA to increase the realism in the game.

11. Dynamic Fans

Fans are more dynamic than ever in FC 24, contributing to the entire atmosphere on the pitch. In certain cutscenes, you can actually see them trying to amp up their players, just like you would see in real-life stadiums.

So there you have it—a rundown of the coolest, easily missed details in FC 24 that make the game not just a playthrough but an experience. It’s these small touches, from the realistic weather conditions to the dynamic fans cheering you on, that show just how much EA Sports digs into the essence of football culture.

Next time you boot up the game, take a moment to appreciate these nuances. Whether it’s the grass flying up from a slide tackle or the authentic representation of players, it’s clear EA is playing a whole different ball game, bringing us closer to the real thing one pixel at a time.

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