Massive Update Revealed for FC 24

EA Sports have announced the third official title update for FC 24, and it’s massive.

The largest title update to date will address various FC 24 issues reported by players in the past weeks such as the fire coach bug in Manager Career that would crash the game or the annoying goalkeeper animations. The gameplay received quite a number of changes as well such as “increased ball travel distance on manually requested clearances” and improved referee logic among others.

The update also includes 162 star heads that will be available once the next squads update is released. The full patch notes are as following:

Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • On rare occasions, players could have disappeared from matches after a substitution or red card.
  • Following the completion of a match, sometimes the Advance menu option did not function unless another menu was first visited on the post-match screen.
  • Addressed the Ada Hegerberg Player Item causing gameplay impacting issues, the Item will become available for match use following a Server Release in the near future.
  • After watching End Highlights in a match, consecutive Squad Battles matches could not have been paused.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could have occurred when interacting with the Transfer Market.
  • Sometimes, when using Squad Builder, Player Items could have been placed in incorrect positions.
  • Stadium Item Pack openings in Ultimate Team were resulting in an unintended animation with placeholder text
  • The Squad Battles pre-match screen displayed a duration of 6 minutes instead of the intended 4 minutes per half, this was a visual issue only.
  • The Rivals Weekly Rewards timer and the Season Ends timer were reversed, this was a visual issue only.
  • SBC Group descriptions were not always visible.
  • In rare situations, UT Friendlies classic matches could have started with six players on the pitch, instead of the intended twenty-two.
  • When Comparing Price on Transfer Listed Player Items, Transfer List pages could not have been scrolled through until exiting and re-entering the Transfer List.
  • Some Stadium Items in the Store were not previewing when selected for the first time.
  • PlayStyles+ did not feature the plus symbol when viewed on a Player Bio screen.
  • On rare occasions, the Stadium Goal Pyrotechnics could have appeared in the center of the pitch.
  • When attempting to exit out of a category in the Store, the entire Store was closed instead.
  • The timer was not always displayed on the Kit Select screen for Rivals and Champions matches.
  • After exiting a Concept Player search from the Squad screen, the title did not always return to the correct screen.
  • The Shortcuts menu could have performed slower than intended on Leaderboards screens.
  • Some UI elements had font color and background combinations that were difficult to read.
  • In some specific cases, menu Shortcuts did not send players to the intended location.
  • In a rare scenario, menu Shortcuts could have interfered with Preview Pack animations.
  • Some Stadium Item rewards were not visible in Seasonal Objective rewards.
  • When selecting a Manager Item on the Squad screen and entering the Club tab, the search results did not always display Manager Items.
  • [PS5/XBSX|S/PC Only] A double walkout scene could have triggered two different songs playing simultaneously.
  • [PS5/XBSX|S/PC Only] Addressed a stability issue that could have occurred when attempting to play two versus one Co-Op Classic Matches.
  • [PC Only] The Store could not have been entered when using certain resolutions.
  • [Switch Only] A stability issue could have occurred when starting a Play a Friend match.


Made the following changes:

  • Increased ball travel distance on manually requested Clearances.
  • Slightly increased Jockey turning speed when moving at slower speeds.
  • Slightly reduced the ball travel speed on Ground and Driven Passes performed by players with the Pinged Pass and Pinged Pass+ PlayStyles.
  • Increased the likelihood of a player with the Long Throw and Long Throw+ PlayStyles to be selected for a throw-in in advanced areas of the pitch.
  • Precision Finesse Shots can now consider an aiming input change that occurs right before the ball is hit.
  • Improved visuals for the ball carrier in situations where a red card foul has been committed during a breakaway.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, the goalkeeper could have run past their intended location when rushing out of goal
  • Players without the Intercept and Intercept+ PlayStyles could have performed contextual sliding interceptions.
  • The Pinged Pass and Pinged Pass+ PlayStyles were unintentionally impacting first-time passes.
  • Sometimes, players could have made inauthentic movements when attempting to trap the ball.
  • Trapping refers to a player attempting to control the ball when receiving it.
  • On some occasions, a player could have slowed their run for a moment when attempting to trap the ball from a pass.
  • This issue was more common when receiving Precision Passes.
  • The Drag Back Turn Skill Move did not follow the input angle as much as intended upon exit.
  • Reduced the likelihood of the Rainbow Flick Skill Move causing the ball to hit the back of the player.
  • Sometimes, a player could have taken a touch of the ball instead of attempting to perform a requested first time Chip Shot.
  • In some specific scenarios, a requested Finesse Shot could result in an unintended shooting animation.
  • In some air ball situations, Auto Switching did not follow the player’s Auto Switching Controls Settings.
  • A contextual volley could have incorrectly occurred in some heading situations.
  • A requested Header On Demand could have sometimes resulted in a tackle instead.
  • When the attacker dribbled straight at the defender, the defender could sometimes tackle the ball into the dribbler’s path.
  • Some players did not see a Fitness decrease following Playable Highlights matches.
  • During a corner kick, an incorrect idle animation could have played before the kick was taken.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls in situations where the ball carrier is shielding the ball.
  • Improved referee logic when determining offside calls in situations where defenders miss an interception.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls in situations where players are jostling for the ball while it’s in the air.
  • In some cases, players who went over the ad boards could have passed through non playable characters while returning to the pitch.
  • In some situations, slide tackle animations did not play correctly.
  • An unintended animation could occur during a Stop And Face Goal request.
  • Players could sometimes pass through ad boards instead of jumping over them.
  • Sometimes a shot could have resulted in the ball passing through a defender’s foot, during a tackle.
  • In rare cases, adjusting player positions in Team Management during a match could have resulted in players disappearing from the match.
  • Following a contextual sliding pass, sometimes the controlled player would not automatically switch to the intended pass receiver.
  • Following a slide tackle that results in the ball being passed to a teammate, sometimes the controlled player would not automatically switch to the intended pass receiver.
  • Agile Dribbling right before a pass animation was completed could have resulted in the controlled player not automatically switching to the intended pass receiver.
  • When moving to their position for set play, a player’s running animation could have occurred incorrectly.
  • A tired player’s running animation could have occurred incorrectly sometimes.
  • In some cases, a player’s feet could have looked like they were not making contact with the ground.
  • Following a save animation, goalkeepers could have unnaturally transitioned to another animation.
  • In some cases, goalkeepers did not celebrate passionately in some scenes after making a significant save
  • Improved several player emoting animations.
  • When jogging, sometimes the ball carrier could put their foot through the ball when turning.
  • When winning the ball from a tackle, sometimes the player did not follow a quick directional input change.
  • Reduced how often CPU AI goalkeepers can do a fake throw.
  • CPU AI players could have performed possession-losing knock ons too often.
  • Sometimes, goalkeepers could have abruptly dropped the ball following the final whistle.
  • In some rare cases, goalkeepers could have unnaturally transitioned to a save animation.
  • [Switch Only] Goalkeepers were unable to save top corner penalty kicks.
  • [Switch Only] Sometimes, the ball could have gone through the goal net.


Addressed the following issues:

  • Addressed instances of connection being lost when opponents were found in Drop-In matches, resulting in the affected matches not starting.
  • Following the completion of a match, the Match Player Summary did not always display correct information.
  • Addressed instances of a stability issue that could have occurred after completing a match.
  • The Club Leaderboard did not always display information if the player accessing it was not part of a Club.
  • Skill Games were incorrectly using base Attributes of Virtual Pros.
  • Virtual Pros without a Club could have worn an unintended kit in menus.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • After signing a new player in Manager Career, the Best Possible Deal could have displayed an incorrect value.
  • Custom Tactics could have reset to default when adjusting them outside of matches in Manager Career.
  • Youth Academy goalkeepers did not have any PlayStyles in Manager Career.
  • A stability issue could have occurred when attempting to fire a coach in Manager Career.
  • In Manager Career, the Wishlist apply button callout did not function as intended.
  • Some activities were incorrectly displayed during the Calendar tutorial in Manager Career.
  • In Player Career, the Retirement Gift Activity could have incorrectly occurred multiple times for one player.
  • In Player Career, the Scout Bonus did not apply to some Objectives.
  • The camera did not follow the player correctly in the Player Career Set Pieces Training Drill.


Addressed the following issues:

  • The Team Keepaway Arcade game did not always end when the timer ran out.
  • A full sized net was incorrectly present in some VOLTA Arcade games.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some stadia, sound effects, presentation packages, crowd noises, button callouts, boots, UI elements, and fonts.
  • Updated 162 star heads, including managers, which will appear in-game following an upcoming Squads Update.

    PC players can already download a modded Squads File that activates the new player faces here.

    Full list of updated players can be seen below:

FC 24 Title Update #3 Star Heads

112919;Alberto Toril
136686;Kim Young Kwang
146562;Santi Cazorla
173720;Jagoba Arrasate Elustondo
178625;Pedro Mosquera
182152;Koo Ja Chul
182761;Adam Legzdins
183465;Jack Rodwell
183617;Slaven Bilic
184436;Alex Smithies
187132;Carlos Zambrano
188182;Leon Balogun
188388;Ryad Boudebouz
188484;Abel Hernandez
188540;Rajiv Van La Parra
189167;Aron Gunnarsson
189908;Lukasz Skorupski
189944;Lamine Gassama
190507;Xabier Etxeita
190531;Eliaquim Mangala
190745;Marco Silvestri
190852;Callum Mcmanaman
192945;Javier Aguirre
193425;Hanno Behrens
193475;Pape Souare
195272;Marco Davide Faraoni
197170;Kadeem Harris
198329;Rodrigo Moreno
198335;Bryan Oviedo
201389;Cristiano Biraghi
202491;Tom Carroll
204233;Charly Musonda
205525;Bernard Caldeira
208374;Andrew Wooten
210676;Wladimiro Falcone
211382;Ibrahim Amadou
211408;Karol Linetty
212127;Darko Lazovic
213242;Adrien Tameze
213404;Pawel Dawidowicz
213814;Federico Di Francesco
214092;Alexey Miranchuk
214332;Daniel Torres
215162;Alejandro Donatti
215363;Lorenzo Montipo
219510;Ebenezer Ofori
219797;Roger Martinez
220182;Jason Denayer
220534;Sebastiano Luperto
220637;Moi Delgado
221618;Lys Mousset
223137;Federico Bonazzoli
223243;Victor Emanuel Aguilera
223608;Javier Eraso
224158;Sofyan Amrabat
224540;Emmanuel Boateng
224808;Gian Marco Ferrari
224836;Vanja Milinkovic Savic
225117;Nicolas Haas
225439;Rolando Mandragora
226116;Ryan Sweeney
226215;Sabin Merino
226351;Kristie Mewis
227368;Cecilie Fiskerstrand
230107;Lassana Coulibaly
230794;Nacho Gil
231207;Jhon Lucumi
231428;Filippo Bandinelli
231587;Luis Caicedo
231823;Justin Hoogma
231835;Thomas Henry
233556;Riccardo Orsolini
233756;Dominique Janssen
234679;Philippe Sandler
235253;Patrick Kammerbauer
235842;Andrea Pinamonti
235949;Gabriel Strefezza
236791;Antonin Barak
236898;Michel Aebischer
237086;Kim Min Jae
237640;Nedim Bajrami
237819;Nicolas Dominguez
238072;Eduard Lowen
238095;Nikola Milenkovic
238621;Rodrigo Becao
239679;Pasquale Mazzocchi
239807;Davide Frattesi
240091;Guglielmo Vicario
240915;Juan Miranda Gonzalez
241629;Rogerio Oliveira Da Silva
241854;Perr Schuurs
242280;Lewis Ferguson
242382;Luca Ashbyhammond
242578;Benoit Badiashile
243055;Rafael Camacho
243241;Alessandro Buongiorno
243245;Orkun Kokcu
243407;Tiffany Cameron
243593;Armand Lauriente
243710;Garissone Innocent
244206;Nehuen Perez
244238;Jaka Bijol
244456;Martin Erlic
244669;Morten Hjulmand
244717;Antonino Gallo
244809;Marcus Dewhurst
246186;Arthur Cabral
246242;Boulaye Dia
248584;Alexandre Phliponeau
249332;Ernesto Valverde Tejedor
249601;Imanol Alguacil Barrenetxea
249684;Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia
251172;Vincenzo Italiano
251637;Andoni Iraola Sagarna
252000;Domagoj Bradaric
252017;Flavius Daniliuc
252802;Wilfried Singo
253473;Samuele Ricci
254487;Matheus Henrique
255009;Kenneth Taylor
255561;Josh Doig
256899;Lorenzo Colombo
257368;Lorenzo Pirola
258782;Ardian Ismajli
258931;Haydon Roberts
258946;Matteo Lovato
259335;Emrehan Gedikli
259583;Destiny Udogie
260697;Isak Hien
261621;Luke Mbete
261745;Lasse Gunther
264035;Sakyi Rak
264139;Marc Leonard
264325;Martin Satriano
264907;Amira Arfaoui
264913;Dina Blagojevic
264930;Sylwia Matysik
264944;Ines Benyahia
264955;Verena Hanshaw
265054;Stina Johannes
265060;Greta Stegemann
265092;Alice Sombath
265865;Mickaella Cardia
265893;Julie Pasquereau
265896;Lou Ann Joly
267582;Matt Beard
267654;Nina Richard
267660;Aissata Traore
268573;Federico Baschirotto
268988;Mariam Diakite
269312;Tommaso Baldanzi
271196;Joan Gonzalez
271639;Niko Arnautis
271828;Alexandra Emmerling
273466;Alyssa Thompson
274980;Victor Martin Alba

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, the PlayStyle+ indicator did not display incorrectly.
  • Some pre and post-match scenes could have displayed visual issues.
  • A stability issue could have occurred when changing Commentary Languages and Teams.
  • Addressed instances of placeholder text.
  • Addressed instances of disappearing and hard to read UI elements.
  • After 120 minutes played, bench players could sometimes be seated in incorrect positions.
  • During first person referee scenes, players could have passed through ad boards at times.
  • In some cases, the ball did not deform correctly when bouncing, this was a visual issue only.
  • The Defending Trainer was incorrectly enabled for all Training Center chapters instead of only for the Defending one.
  • The Directed Run visual indicator did not display in the Practice Arena.
  • At the start of the Directed Runs Skill Game, Directed Runs did not function as expected.
  • In a rare scenario, a match could have occurred against a CPU opponent in Online Seasons.
  • Sometimes, a player’s hair color could change depending on weather and time of day.
  • The Training Center Practice Arena did not follow the Alternate control scheme when set in Controller Settings.
  • The Online Seasons Leaderboard did not always display data on all friends.
  • [PS5, German Players Only] Removed the Virtual Bundesliga competition from the main menu with the intent of it returning closer to the competition’s start.
  • [Switch Only] After downloading and selecting a specific commentary language, one of the other available languages could have occurred instead.
  • [Switch Only] Local Seasons stats could have incorrectly reset.
  • [PS4 Only] After completing an Online Seasons or Co-Op Seasons match, selecting the Next Match option could have resulted in a stability issue.
  • [PS4/XB1 Only] A rare stability issue could have occurred in the Online Seasons menu.
  • [PC Only] In Tournament matches, pausing the match did not always function if the EA app overlay was previously opened.

The update is available on all platforms including PC, XBS X|S, PS5, XB1, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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