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Golazo Promo Launched in FC 24 Ultimate Team

After two weeks of Ultimate Birthday event, EA Sports have officially launched a new promo called Golazo.

Ultimate Birthday set the bar high for promos this year with both Team 1 and Team 2 featuring some fantastic cards like that of Lionel Messi and Kevin de Bruyne. Also, there were Icons and daily themed content with mini-releases, daily player SBCs, Evolutions and Objectives throughout the 14-day period.

But all good things must come to an end, so it’s now time to focus on the latest promo – Golazo. Simply translating to ‘Great Goal’, Golazo is a brand new promo in Ultimate Team featuring only Icons and Heroes.

The promo was revealed to gamers a few days ago by leakers and then confirmed by a loading screen before eventually being launched today. It is made up of players who scored some of the most iconic goals in history, including long-range strikes and injury time winners.

Just as you already expect, there are several highly-rated cards available in packs in Golazo, which has come with Evolutions, amazing SBCs and themed objectives to complete like previous Ultimate Team events that have been released this year.

This campaign aimed to celebrate the greatest in the game will last two weeks. With that said, let’s have a look at the Icons and Heroes available in Golazo Team 1.

Which Players Are in Team 1 of Golazo Promo?

As already mentioned, Golazo is a new promo in Ultimate Team that is focused only on Icons and Heroes. Some players in Team 1 have two cards, one with a high rating (Senior) and the other with a slightly lower rating (Junior).

The first team of this promo has a total of 15 cards and below is the full list:

  • CF: Johan Cruyff – 97 (Golazo Icon)
  • CAM: Bobby Charlton – 94 (Golazo Icon)
  • RWB: Cafu – 94 (Golazo Icon)
  • ST: Prinz – 94 (Golazo Icon)
  • CDM: Xabi Alonso – 93 (Golazo Icon)
  • LB: Ashley Cole – 92 (Golazo Icon)
  • RW: Al Owairan – 93 (Golazo Hero)
  • ST: Dimitar Berbatov – 93 (Golazo Hero)
  • CB: Jurgen Kohler – 92 (Golazo Hero)
  • LM: Ginola – 92 (Golazo Hero)
  • CF: Enzo Francescoli – 91 (Golazo Hero)
  • CB: Jurgen Kohler – 90 (Golazo Hero)
  • ST: Dimitar Berbatov – 89 (Golazo Hero)
  • CAM: Clint Dempsey – 89 (Golazo Hero)
  • CF: Enzo Francescoli – (Golazo Hero)

Despite the fact that Golazo features no current active players, fans have been treated with incredible cards of some of football’s greatest players of all time. Team 1 will last seven days and more players will be released via SBCs like Golazo Hero Al-Owairan or Objectives like Golazo Junior Icon Robin van Persie.

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