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EA Announces Pundit Picks Program for FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA SPORTS has revealed a fresh feature for its Ultimate Team players, offering a unique monthly upgrade selected by football analysts called ‘Pundit Picks’.

Following the addition of pundits through the Matchday Experience in FC 24, EA brings the spotlight on some of them in real life as well.

This program diverges from the usual Player of the Match or Player of the Month accolades. Instead, it allows pundits from broadcast partners like Sky Sports and DAZN to spotlight Premier League and LaLiga players who stand out for various reasons—whether it’s for their consistent performance, pivotal roles in specific matches, or for being the unsung heroes of the season.

The first ‘Pundit Pick’ will be chosen by Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher from the standout performers of the Premier League’s 11th match week between Newcastle and Arsenal. Thanks to notorious leaker ‘Fut Sheriff’ we already know that the chosen player is Newcastle’s Anthony Gordon:

This initiative will alternate on a monthly basis between the Premier League and LaLiga, with the first LaLiga player to be highlighted by a DAZN pundit in December.

The selected ‘Pundit Pick’ will be honored with a special in-game boost in EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team. This enhancement will be accessible through a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) within 2-3 days after its announcement on the broadcast. This program aims to bring a new level of engagement and recognition to noteworthy players in these top football leagues.

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