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How To Complete POTM Artem Dovbyk SBC in FC 24

Girona’s ace striker bags the La Liga Player of the Month (POTM) award for the month of December!

La Liga is halfway to the finish line, and it might come as a surprise to those who haven’t been following the league that Girona is currently the runner-up for the title, having amassed the same number of points as the league leader, Real Madrid. Girona’s exceptional performance is largely due to their prolific striker, Artem Dovbyk, who has already scored 11 goals in 18 games. In the month of December, the Ukrainian striker has scored four goals for his team and, deservingly, earned La Liga Player of the Month award for the month.

In recognition of this achievement, EA has awarded Dovbyk a substantially enhanced POTM card in FC 24 Ultimate Team – with an 87 rating. Similar to other Player of the Month cards, the only way to obtain this card is through a Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

How is POTM Artem Dovbyk different from his other cards?

As mentioned earlier, Dovbyk has been in tremendous form this season for Girona and has already earned two Team of the Week (TOTW) cards, which are objectively better than his base silver card. At a first glance, his POTM card only got a slight upgrade from second TOTW card. However, Dovbyk’s POTM card has an important upgrade over the rest of his cards – a new Playstyle+ and a new Playstyle.

The Ukrainian possesses the Power Header+ Playstyle, which might seem underwhelming but could prove beneficial for a tall striker aiming to score more goals through headers. To enhance this aerial prowess, the player item is also equipped with the Aerial Playstyle, allowing him to effectively contest and win headers in the air, thereby making him an ideal Target Man.

To summarize, POTM Dovbyk has been given the following upgrades from his latest TOTW card in FC 24:

  • +1 Overall Rating (OVR)
  • +1 Pace
  • +1 Defending
  • +1 Shooting
  • +3 Passing
  • +1 Dribbling
  • +1 Physicality
  • +Power Header Playstyle+
  • +Aerial Playstyle

How To Complete POTM Artem Dovbyk SBC

POTM Dovbyk is an 87 rated card with 91 pace, 88 shooting, 90 physicality and excellent aerial presence. Since crosses are somewhat META in FC 24, EA has not made this card cheap relative to his stats. From scratch, this card could cost around 75K coinsΒ to complete.

The challenges, along with the cheapest available solution, are as follows:

La Liga (~18K)

  • La Liga Players: Minimum one
  • Team Rating: Minimum 84

86-Rated Squad (~58K)

  • Team Rating: Minimum 86

The SBC segment prices may be slightly different from the price listed here due to the fluctuating nature of the Ultimate Team market.

If you are looking for a tall striker with exceptional aerial ability or have picked up the game during Holidays, POTM Dovbyk would be a fun addition in your squad. He is by no means a high-end META player, but will be a breath of fresh air in the stale competitive game modes that rinse and repeat the same bunch of players. After all, the fodder prices in FC 24 are on the floor and with Team of the Year around the corner, it may not rise anytime soon.

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