FC Pro Players Are Getting Targeted by Hackers

A group of hackers has been targeting pro players in recent days, some losing all their coins and players in FC 24 Ultimate Team ahead of the FC Pro Open Ladder.

Although they launched a brand-new franchise, EA has yet to address their security features, an issue that has plagued the series in the past. With the recent release of FC 24, multiple players are already reporting that their Ultimate Team accounts got hacked.

One of the targeted players is FUTWiz pro player EthxnH who recently shared that he has been hacked not once but twice in a span of three days:

The Birmingham based player spent £3,000 worth of FC points in-game and managed to amount 10 million coins ahead of the new FC Pro season, and lost it all to hackers. The British player also mentioned that he has not shared any details regarding his account online and still got his entire Ultimate Team club wiped out.

From multiple reports, it seems that a group of hackers has targeted the Top 100 Transfer Profit leaderboard in FC 24 Ultimate Team and some pro players got caught in the net. Another affected player was Minnesota United’s Lamps, who lost nearly 10 million coins:

Romanian pro player RvPuiu also reported losing 20 million coins and raised concerns for the upcoming FC Pro Open competition that recently came under heavy criticism:

To enhance your EA account security, it is recommended to have the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on and use a password that includes uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

There have been no compensations or resolutions for the affected players until this date. EA has yet to make a comment on this matter.

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