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FC 24 Team of the Year Pack Grind: Skipping BPM

Embarking on a speedy League SBC grind without delving into the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) or the Mixed League SBC can be a quick and rewarding strategy.

This guide breaks down the steps to efficiently complete the Premium League SBC, keeping costs low and packs flowing for the upcoming Team of the Year (TOTY) event.

Step 1: Skip the BPM and Mixed League SBC

Opt for a direct approach without involving the Bronze Pack Method or the Mixed League SBC and going straight for the Premium Mixed League SBC. While this might not be the most coin-efficient method, it ensures a quick turnaround, costing approximately 10-12k per run.

Step 2: Utilising Packed Players

Leverage the players you pack from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Constantly packing players from these leagues eliminates the need to spend coins on these sections, making them a cost-effective part of your SBC grind.

Step 3: Simplifying Ligue 1 and Eredivisie Sections

The Ligue 1 section has become more straightforward, requiring only six players from a single team. Utilise the players you pack and complement them with those from Eredivisie. This section can be completed at a minimal cost.

Step 4: Managing Libertadores/Sudamericana Section

While the Lib/Sud section might seem costly, consider bidding on players to reduce expenses. If patience is not your strong suit, a straightforward purchase approach can still keep costs around 10-12k. View this as an investment, as the packs received in return justify the expense.

Step 5: Daily Upgrades for Club Stocking

Regularly complete the Daily Gold Upgrades and Premium Silver Upgrades. This brings gold players into your club for future League SBCs and allows you to generate fodder for other SBCs, including TOTW Picks and Winter Crafting Upgrades.

Step 6: Fodder Generation and Crafting Upgrades

Use your off-league golds to craft Player Picks or the Winter Crafting Upgrades. This serves as a supplemental method to generate fodder, aiding in the completion of Icon SBCs or other gamble SBCs.

By following this streamlined approach, you can efficiently complete the Premium League SBC, minimising costs and maximising the number of packs for the upcoming Team of the Year event. This strategy allows for a constant supply of packs, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the chance to land some of the game’s most coveted cards. Good luck with your TOTY pack-opening adventure!

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