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FC 24 Mastering META: Custom Tactics

In EA Sports FC 24, custom tactics serve an important role in directing your team’s performance on the virtual pitch.

Understanding the META in custom tactics is key to orchestrating victories. This article delves into the prevailing custom tactic used by top-level players and explores alternative setups that offer different paths to success.

The META: “Balanced, Balanced, Direct Passing”

Most top players’ custom tactics are often built on the same principles. Regardless of their formation, the custom tactics often have a balanced defensive style, balanced build-up play, and direct passing in chance creation. Let’s dissect why this trinity has become the META.

Balanced Defensive Style

Balanced Defensive Style strikes a harmonious balance between aggression and restraint. It solidifies your team’s defensive posture, allowing controlled pressure without leaving your backline vulnerable. This balance is crucial in handling various playstyles and adapting to different opponents.

Balanced Build-Up Play

Teams employing a Balanced Build-Up Style epitomise versatility and adaptability. This style allows for a dynamic, fluid approach to the game. It allows for quick, intricate passing sequences and sweeping counter-attacks, depending on the situation.

Direct Passing Chance Creation

Direct Passing in Chance Creation injects surgical precision into your team’s attacks. It mirrors the direct, quick transitions seen in teams like Liverpool under Jürgen Klopp. The Reds capitalise on spaces with rapid passes, catching opponents off guard.

Direct Passing also pins opposing defenders back once they are in the defensive phase, putting them at the attacker’s mercy. This suits the way a majority of gamers wish to play the game.

Alternative Setups: Crafting Your Custom Tactics

While the META is effective, the beauty of custom tactics lies in their adaptability. Here are some alternative setups that can achieve success in the ever-evolving META:

Press on Heavy Touch Defensive Style

Press on Heavy Touch can be a compelling choice for those who prefer a more proactive defensive approach. Teams like Manchester City under Pep Guardiola showcase intense pressing when the opponent loses possession, disrupting their build-up. If this sounds like something you want your team doing but do not want your players rushing opponents with reckless abandon, Press on Heavy Touch is perfect for you.

Possession Chance Creation

Possession Build-Up might be your calling if you find joy in dominating possession. With this approach, players prioritise supporting the ball carrier rather than making forward runs. Teams like Spain during their golden era epitomised this style, maintaining possession through short, accurate passes and frustrating opponents. This approach could also benefit those who are not naturally inclined to run down the line.

Long Ball Build-Up Play

For those who relish the thrill of rapid counter-attacks, Long Ball in Chance Creation is a tantalising option. This system encourages players to make darting runs forward as they look to get in behind. Teams like Real Madrid, known for their lethal counter-attacks, showcase the power of direct passes to exploit spaces behind defensive lines.

With custom tactics, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Sure, the META is the META for a reason, as it provides a robust foundation, but the true beauty lies in tailoring your tactics to match your playstyle. Experiment with different setups, adapt to your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and craft a tactical masterpiece reflecting your unique approach to the game.

Having diverse game plans with differing formations and custom tactics to suit the state of each match is also important to achieving success in this game.

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