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FC 24 Guide to Weekly Themed Team Pursuit in Squad Battles

As the much-anticipated Team of the Year (TOTY) event looms on the horizon, the Weekly Themed Team Pursuit in Squad Battles emerges as a thrilling challenge with the promise of enticing rewards.

Completing the Weekly Themed Team Pursuit in Squad Battles offers a unique challenge and an opportunity for exciting rewards. It is an exercise in squad building and gives you a chance to work towards some decent rewards. This is a guide on how to complete all 15 objectives in 5 matches, maximising efficiency and ensuring you get the most out of those five matches.

Squad Requirements

The easiest and fastest way to complete this group objective is by having the following squad combinations for 5 games:

Match 1 Combination

– 2 players from Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga
– 2 players from D1 Arkema
– 3 players from the ROSHN Saudi League
– 3 players from MLS

Match 2 Combination

– 2 players from NWSL
– 2 players from Liga F
– 2 players from Barclays WSL
– 3 players from Trendyol Süper Lig

Match 3 Combination

– 3 players from Eredivisie
– 3 players from Liga Portugal
– 4 players from LaLiga EA SPORTS

Match 4 Combination

– 4 players from Bundesliga
– 4 players from Ligue 1 Uber Eats

Match 5 Combination

– 4 players from Serie A
– 4 players from Premier League

Upon completing these five matches, you will unlock a series of rewards:

  • Five Small Mixed Players Packs
  • Four 78+ X2 Rare Gold Players Packs
  • Six 1 of 3 78+ Rare Gold Player Picks
  • One 84+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack
  • 1000 XP

Strategies for Maximum Points in Squad Battles

1. Difficulty Level

Set the Squad Battles difficulty to a level where you are comfortable winning consistently. Higher difficulty levels yield more points but can be challenging.

2. Skill Moves and Goals

Incorporate skill moves and aim for stylish goals. Scoring with flair increases your match rating and, subsequently, your Squad Battles points.

3. Possession and Pass Accuracy

Maintain possession and focus on accurate passing. A high pass accuracy percentage improves match ratings, ensuring maximum points.

4. Shots on Target

Ensure a high number of shots on target. Accuracy in front of goal helps you win matches and boosts your match rating for additional points.

5. Winning Corners and Fouls

Winning corners and fouls can contribute to your overall match rating. Use set pieces to your advantage, and if you win fouls in dangerous areas, capitalize on free-kick opportunities.

6. Clean Sheet Bonus

If possible, aim for a clean sheet. Defensive solidity earns you extra points and contributes to an overall impressive performance.

You can efficiently complete the Weekly Themed Team Pursuit in Squad Battles by strategically selecting your squad based on the recommended combinations and implementing these in-game strategies. Maximise your points to secure the best possible rewards and showcase your skill on the virtual pitch. May your efforts be rewarded with success and exciting additions to your squad. Best of luck!

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