eFootball 3.6.0 Update: Final Touches Before the Launch of eFootball 2025

Konami has released the much-anticipated eFootball 3.6.0 update, the longest wait between updates we’ve experienced, especially notable with the absence of a 3.5.0 update on consoles. This update, likely the final one for eFootball 2024 before the transition to eFootball 2025, brings a range of new features, gameplay adjustments, and visual enhancements.

Players can look forward to the introduction of Season 7: King of the Continent, packed with national team-themed events and the new “Phenomenal Pass” skill, alongside crucial gameplay refinements and updated licenses. This update not only enriches the current game but also sets the groundwork for exciting changes in the upcoming iteration.

Season 7: King of the Continent

Arriving just in time for Copa America and Euro 2024, Season 7: King of the Continent brings a wealth of new content and exciting events themed around national teams. Players can look forward to a series of events, packs, and the introduction of numerous new cards, enhancing the game’s depth and variety.

One of the standout features of this season is the increased rewards for logging in and playing weekly. This incentivizes players to stay engaged and make the most of the new content.

Additionally, the new “Phenomenal Pass” player skill has been introduced, allowing for more accurate and powerful kicks when passing in challenging situations. The first Show Time players to showcase this skill are Pedri, Bernardo Silva, and Xavi Simons, adding a fresh dynamic to the gameplay.

Feature Additions and Changes

The 3.6.0 update introduces a new feature called “Badges,” which players can earn by achieving specific in-game conditions. This adds another layer of goals and rewards, enhancing the overall experience and providing players with new milestones to reach. Additionally, the layout for Player Cards and Player Details has been refined for better user navigation and information access.

Updates and Additions

A comprehensive update to licenses ensures that eFootball remains current with the latest official team and player data. This includes updates to:

  • Team data
  • Player photos
  • 183 Player faces
  • Manager photos and data
  • Kits
  • Balls
  • Goalkeeper gloves
  • Stadium graphics
  • Pitch-side advertising boards
  • Cinematics
  • Animations
  • Commentary
  • Match music

The changes contribute to an immersive and visually appealing football experience. Updated game faces are always a welcome addition to any football game. Also, the griddy has finally been added as an in-game celebration and can be performed with J. Doku as his personal celebration.

Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments

Responding to player feedback, Konami has implemented several key gameplay adjustments, particularly focusing on defence:

  • Defence Adjustments: Tackle mechanics have been refined to ensure that balls kicked away during tackles no longer bounce back to attackers unrealistically. Conditions for performing tackles have also been tweaked to address issues where defenders would win the ball despite unfavourable positioning.
  • Goalkeeper Improvements: Throw-in mechanics have been fixed to ensure that passes aimed diagonally towards teammates are now accurate, and targeting teammates with throw-ins has been made easier, even with a fully charged Power Gauge.
  • Shooting Adjustments: The likelihood of executing a downward header towards the goal with a Stunning Shot has been increased when using a Power Gauge more than half-full, making heading attempts more effective.

Various bugs have also been addressed, including multiple “Objective Completed” notifications in Time Attack Events and inaccurate tallying of achievement statuses for in-match objectives.

Gameplay Feel After the Update

Post-update, the gameplay feels smoother and more fluid. Dribbling and passing have seen improvements, contributing to a more enjoyable on-pitch experience. Manual defending also feels a bit smoother. While the involvement of defensive AI remains an issue, this is a design choice from developers of modern football games that will not be going away so any small adjustments are welcome.

However, it did feel like the defensive AI has been toned down slightly in this update. It does feel like fewer passes are being intercepted, allowing for more creative play in tight spaces. This might all be a placebo effect and further testing will give us a better indication of where the gameplay is after the update.

A Strong Finale for eFootball 2024

The eFootball 3.6.0 update provides a fitting conclusion to eFootball 2024, enhancing gameplay and introducing exciting new features just in time for major international football events like Copa America and Euro 2024. With updated licenses, improved player skills, and numerous gameplay refinements, players can enjoy a refreshed experience while engaging in the new Season 7: King of the Continent.

The update does not overhaul the game but it does make changes that should make the game feel better as it reaches its natural conclusion ahead of the new football season. As this update sees out eFootball 2024, it sets the stage for a seamless transition to eFootball 2025.

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