eChampions League 2024: Who Qualified to the Knockouts?

The highly anticipated eChampions League eventually kicked off over the weekend.

The finest FC 24 players from Europe’s top clubs gathered in London on Saturday and Sunday as the Group Stage of the eCL went underway. As expected, there was plenty of outstanding performances and shockers as well in the star-studded event.

The biggest news from Saturday was ePremier League champion Tekkz being knocked out of the competition after failing to record a single win. On Sunday, it was LaLiga FC Pro winner Nicolas99fc who left many dumbfounded after crushing out of the event early.

As we wait for the action to resume next weekend when the knockout stage gets underway, let’s take a look at how things unfolded over the past two days.

Events From Day 1

Day 1 of the eChampions League saw players from Group A, B, C and D take the stage with the aim of advancing to the knockouts.

The action started with a bang as Group A’s Neat thumped JP_Sleator 8-1 to announce his arrival on the big stage. Tekkz started his campaign on a bad note by losing 5-2 to Club Brugge’s Ekmenn94. The Manchester City player then lost a ten-goal thriller to Neat before finishing his campaign with a 2-2 draw against JP_Sleator.

At the end of the day, Neat was leading the way in Group A with nine points and he was closely followed by Montaxer who had eight points.

Levi de Weerd topped Group B on goal difference as he had the same points as Andonii and HHezerS, who sat second and third respectively on the standings.

Meanwhile, eChampions League defending champion Emre Yilmaz made an easy work of his rivals in Group C winning all the matches and topping the group with twelve points.

FC Pro Open winner PHzin also had a field day facing his Group D opponents that included DaniPitbull, Jorjewin and Marc LDW. He led the way in the group with 12 points.

Events From Day 2

Following a thrilling first day, fans were up for more entertainment on Sunday when the group stages concluded.

ManuBachoore crushed all his points in Group E, including eLigue 1 champion Fouma, and topped the group with 12 points.

Jonny was seen as a favourite in Group F and he also made no mistake as he destroyed all his opponents to manage the maximum 12 points and sit at the top of the table.

After an outstanding performance in the La Liga regular season, many believed that Nicolas99fc was going to be one of the favourites to win this year’s eChampions League. However, his journey ended in the group stages after a shocking loss in the hands of Brandsha and a draw against Riptorek.

It was Levy Finn who was able to top Group G after amassing three wins, which included a 6-3 thrashing of Nicolas.

Paris Saint-Germain’s NKantee topped Group H with nine points to secure his entry into the knockouts.

Who Qualified to the Next Round?

Group A

  • Neat
  • Montaxer
  • Ekmenn94

Group B

  • Levi de Weerd
  • AndoniiPM
  • HHezerS

Group C

  • Emre Yilmaz
  • Bonanno
  • Feldman

Group D

  • PHzin
  • Isopowerr
  • DaniPitbull

Group E

  • Manuel Bachoore
  • DFernandes
  • Fouma

Group F

  • Jonny
  • Luco Negua
  • Rikhard

Group G

  • LevyFinn
  • KeturDylo
  • Riptorek

Group H

  • NKantee
  • Umut
  • Marley

Stay tuned for more action next weekend as the knockout stage kicks off.

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