EA Reveals FC Pro Draft

EA Sports FC 24 brings an exciting new dimension to its eSports program with the introduction of FC Pro Draft. For the first time, strategic squad building, akin to the decisions gamers make at home, becomes a central element of the virtual football challenge.

What is FC Pro Draft?

FC Pro Draft is a new initiative for pro players that will allow them to build their squads following specific parameters. Players are allocated a virtual budget – for instance, 8 million coins for the upcoming FC Pro Open Global Qualifier – to assemble their squad, including both starters and substitutes. The catch? They must stay within budget while meeting specific requirements that may be set, such as including player items from in-game events or featuring players from certain leagues and nations.

The value of each player in the draft is tied to their real-time in-game transfer market price, which will be fixed at a certain point each week to ensure fairness. Competitors will then use these prices as a guide to create their ultimate squad before the submission deadline.

Fans Can Participate As Well

The real twist is that fans can get involved too! The drafted squads will be visible on, where fans can also use the same tools to build and submit their own dream teams. Outstanding fan-created squads might even get a spotlight during FC Pro broadcasts.

Upcoming Events

Following the conclusion of the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, the 20 pro players qualified to the FC Pro Open Championship will need to prepare their draft squads for the next events:

  • FC Pro Open Week 1 – November 27th – December 3rd 2023
  • FC Pro Open Week 2 – December 4th – December 10th 2023
  • FC Pro Open Week 3 – December 11th – December 17th 2023
  • FC Pro Open Week 4 – Early 2024

FC Pro Open Championship has a $500,000 prize pool, so competitors need to choose very carefully their squads in order to get a higher rank in the final standing.

For updates, requirements, and to view competitor and fan-created squads, keep an eye on Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter/X, Instagram and Facebook for the latest esports news.

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