UFL Open Beta To Be Released on June 7th

The highly anticipated football video game UFL is set to launch its open beta weekend event on June 7th. This event will provide players worldwide with an opportunity to experience UFL’s online leagues for the first time.

Earlier this year, we discussed the potential impact of UFL and now players can participate in the UFL Beta Weekend, a two-day event where they can compete in online leagues. This beta event will serve as a crucial phase in UFL’s development, acting as a stress test to identify bugs and areas for improvement before the game’s final release.

What is UFL?

UFL is a free-to-play football video game featuring real footballers and a comprehensive metagame. The game allows players to create their club from the ground up, assembling a team of real-world footballers customized to their preferences. Key features of UFL include:

  • Skill-Based Gameplay: Players can hone their skills in online matches and defeat their opponents.
  • Realistic Club Management: Players can create their dream team from thousands of real-life football stars.
  • Complex Strategy: Players can develop their club season after season, maintain progress, and climb the league ladder.
  • Custom Skin Packs: Players can buy and sell unique player skin cards to build their collection.

Participation Details

The UFL Beta Weekend will help gather valuable insights on gameplay, mechanics, content, and overall gaming experience. Feedback from this event will assist developers in refining the game before its official release. The beta aims to test server infrastructure, identify bugs, and assess new features.

How to Join

Currently, the UFL Open Beta is limited to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. To participate, players need to access their consoles and pre-download the game:

It is essential to have an EU or US account to find the UFL Open Beta in these stores.

The UFL Open Beta is an exciting opportunity for football gaming enthusiasts to get an early look at a promising new game. By participating, players can provide valuable feedback that will shape the final version of UFL.

The event starts on June 7th, and it’s sure to be an exciting weekend for the football gaming community, as the EURO 2024 update will also drop in EA FC 24.

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