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How To Complete POTM Aubameyang SBC in FC 24

A brief sigh of relief before the inevitable 94 rated Mbappe SBC!

Ultimate Team fans can now breath a sigh of relief as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has just broken Kylian Mbappe’s Player of the Month winning streak. Aubameyang, who has had 8 goal contributions in December, has been adjudged as the Ligue 1 Player of the Month of December. This is his first Player of the Month award after his departure from the Premier League.

The Gabon international’s impact on his club has been stellar this season. Even though they are 7th in the league table, Marseille just dropped 2 points in December and the major factor for this resurgence is Aubameyang. The 34 year old has scored 4 goals and assisted as many times in his 5 appearances for his club in December.

The other POTM candidates, Kylian Mbappe and Alexander Lacazette, have also scored 4 goals each but could not assist for their teams or help their teams earn more point than Marseille in December.

To celebrate this exceptional performance on the pitch, EA has given Aubameyang a 88 rated POTM card which can be obtained through Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

How is POTM Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang different from his other cards?

Aubameyang has been exceptional this season for Marseille and has already bagged two Team of the Week cards. In addition to a great upgrade in stats over his 86 rated TOTW card, POTM Aubameyang also received an important Playstyle+, and a weak foot upgrade, which can be summarized as below:

  • +2 Overall Rating (OVR)
  • +3 Pace
  • +2 Shooting
  • +1 Passing
  • +3 Dribbling
  • +3 Defending
  • +7 Physicality
  • +Quickstep Playstyle+
  • +1 Weak Foot upgrade

Even in comparison to his Radioactive card, POTM Aubameyang is clearly superior thanks to his 5 star weak foot, improved stats across the board and Quickstep+ playstyle.

How to Complete POTM Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang SBC?

EA set the requirements at around 180-200K coins to complete this SBC from scratch. The challenges, along with the cheapest available solution, are as follows:

Ligue 1 (~40K coins)

  • Min. 1 Players from: Ligue 1 Uber Eats
  • Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week
  • Min. Team Rating: 83

Top Form (~70K coins)

  • Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week
  • Min. Team Rating: 85

86-Rated Squad (~90K coins)

  • Min. Team Rating: 86

The SBC segment prices may be slightly different from the price listed here due to the fluctuating nature of the Ultimate Team market.


If you have ever come across Radioactive Aubameyang in UT Champs or Rivals, you would know how good of a card that is. POTM Aubameyang is significantly better than Radioactive Aubameyang and the 200K price tag is very reasonable.

With 5 star weak foot, incredible stats and really good playstyles, Aubameyang will be a nightmare to opponents if you play to his strengths. If you are someone who runs a Ligue 1 squad, there is honestly no better partner to Kylian Mbappe that costs under 500K in the market. With the amount of crafting that can be done in the next few days, completing this SBC will be a walk in the park.

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