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FC 24: EA Releases Untradeable Euro 2024 Promo Items By Mistake in Packs

EA fumbles the bag again when it comes to Ultimate Team content in FC 24.

The company was supposed to drop the free Euro 2024 promo cards announced nearly a month ago with the reveal of the Euro 2024 Update for FC 24. One of six player items featuring Jack Grealish (England), Ousmane Dembélé (France), Federico Chiesa (Italy), Florian Wirtz (Germany), Virgil Van Djik (Netherlands) and Álvaro Morata (Spain) were supposed to appear in an untradeable pack in the Store section of Ultimate Team for those who played or will play the game by January 16th, 2024.

However, the release did not go as intended and EA made all six player items available in all store packs, making them available for trade.

Shortly after these cards started to flood the transfer market, EA acknowledged the error, stating that the promo items were released unintentionally. The company promised that affected players would receive the correct content soon.

For players who packed a Euro 2024 card, EA plans to replace it with its gold version in the coming days. However, there’s still uncertainty regarding the fate of the currently tradable versions, which remain available on the FC 24 Ultimate Team transfer market. Players are advised to avoid bidding on or buying these items, as they might be removed or changed back to their base versions.

This incident contributes to a growing list of mistakes by EA since the launch of their new football franchise. The company’s ongoing struggles with managing content releases have become a recurring theme, often criticized by the community.

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