EA SPORTS FC 24 Clubs Deep Dive Details

Another deep dive has been released by EA, showcasing all the changes in FC 24 Clubs mode.

The highlights of this particular deep dive is that cross-play will be available in Clubs and for the first time ever, the game mode will be present in the Nintendo Switch version of FC 24.

Additionally, Clubs League has received an overhaul and gamers will be able to enjoy more customization options and other new features such as fan reputation and the ability to assign PlayStyles to their Virtual Pro. Let’s get into all the summarized details.

Cross-play confirmed for FC 24 Clubs

EA Sports confirmed that Cross-play is being introduced to Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL in FC 24, allowing players from different platforms to play together. However, it will be generation-specific:

  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can play together.
  • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC can play together.
  • Nintendo Switch will be excluded from any cross-platform play.

Basically, players from any platform of the same generation can cross-play. If players prefer to play only with those from their platform, they can disable cross-play in their local settings. This feature will be available in all Clubs match types including League, Playoff, Friendly, and Drop-In.

Clubs League

In EA SPORTS FC 24, the Clubs League format is designed to be played over approximately 6-week seasons, split into two phases:

League Phase

During the League Phase, clubs accumulate points by winning matches, starting from Division 5 and aiming for the Elite Division, with each division offering better rewards and tougher opponents. Clubs can earn points without the risk of relegation, and upon reaching the required points, they enter Promotion Matches, a series of crucial games determining promotion.

Promotions yield rewards like fans and Club Customization items, with each season offering new themed items.

Playoff Phase

After the League Phase, clubs enter the Playoff Phase, competing for high stakes in their respective divisions, with every match requiring a decisive winner.

Post-season, clubs and players receive rewards based on Playoff performance, including unique trophies and VOLTA COINS. A new season starts immediately after the previous one ends, resetting clubs to their starting divisions.

Fans and Reputation

In FC 24, every club match contributes to a shared progression system, allowing clubs to collectively grow their reputation by gaining fans, progressing from Hometown Heroes to World Renowned. Each reputation level unlocks:

  • Higher OVR AI clubmates
  • Better Stadiums
  • Stadium Vanity

Club stadiums will mirror the club’s journey, with enhanced customization options available as the club’s reputation grows. Clubs can unlock new stadiums and customization options, including seasonal content via promotions in the Clubs League, allowing them to show off their achievements and unique identity.

Three new customizable stadiums in Clubs will feature options like:

  • Stadium Bundles
  • Pitch Trophies
  • Animated Tifos

PlayStyles in Clubs

Already revealed in the gameplay deep dive, PlayStyles introduce a new layer to Virtual Pro specialization, allowing each PlayStyle to significantly impact gameplay by granting unique abilities to your Virtual Pro.

Players can experiment and refine their specialty with up to 6 PlayStyles slots and 2 enhanced PlayStyles+ slots, unlocked through Virtual Pro Player Growth progression. Initially, players have one PlayStyles slot and a full range of PlayStyles to experiment with, with the ability to unlock more by earning Player Growth XP and increasing their Virtual Pro level. As players gain experience, they can unlock up to 2 PlayStyles+ slots to further enhance their abilities.

While players can assign any unlocked PlayStyles+ to their Virtual Pro, each positional group (FWD, MID, DEF, GK) has a limit to the number of PlayStyles they can assign from each group, allowing for experimentation and encouraging diverse builds across all position groups.

Additional Changes

As mentioned before, Clubs will finally feature on the Switch version of FC 24, offering a full Clubs experience to Switch players including creating and personalizing Virtual Pros and forming clubs with friends.

With the introduction of cross-play and the new Clubs League, Club Leaderboards have been updated with a club-based Skill Rating, a tool to compare clubs based on past performance but not influencing matchmaking. It is calculated through League and Playoff Matches, considering the current Skill Rating of the clubs, goal difference, and match type, with Playoff matches having a greater impact.

The Drop-In lobby is upgraded to allow players to easily stay together from match to match by default, enhancing the gaming experience.

Player customization is richer with more dual-mode items, allowing more personalization in both Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL. VOLTA SHOP also offers new items for Virtual Pros.

Broadcast and gameplay see improvements, with new Dynamic Match Intros to elevate the gaming experience and new Run Styles and Penalty Styles powered by HyperMotionV. New Penalty Kick Avatar runs and animations are introduced as well, including those for Erling Haaland. These enhancements are available only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

EA SPORTS FC 24 is set for release on September 29th and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. EA Play members and Ultimate Edition owners will be able to play the Early Access on September 29th.

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