ePremier League Finals: Four Teams Advance to the Quarter-Finals

The 2023-24 ePremier League Finals kicked off on Saturday as 20 Premier League clubs faced each other in the Group Stages for the first time.

The clubs were split into four groups of five, with Group A and Group B playing on Saturday and Group C and Group D getting into action on Sunday. It was an all-or-nothing event as every team battled to finish on top of their group for a direct ticket to the ePremier League quarter-finals come March.

Manchester City (Group A), Brighton (Group B), Luton Town (Group C) and Liverpool (Group D) are the only teams that have booked their spot in the knockout stages and will compete for the title on Sunday 24th March. The remaining teams will have another opportunity to join them by playing again on Saturday 23 March.

The ePL Finals Group Stages is a new event in the ePremier League calendar and was launched during the weekend. There were 40 finalists involved, two players per club, with the format seeing one player competing on Xbox and the other on PlayStation in 1v1 matches.

How Things Unfolded on Saturday

20 players representing 10 of the 20 clubs in this season’s ePremier League Finals battled it out on Saturday for a spot in the Grand Final in March. The 10 Premier League clubs that were in action on Saturday are:

Group A: Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City, West Ham United

Group B: Aston Villa, Brighton, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United

The first goal of the event was scored by West Ham’s PS5 player GRK, minutes into his clash with DanielZanieri-1996 of Everton. In another match played at the same time, Chelsea’s Conkai took the lead against Bonanno, who was making his debut in the ePremier League. Bonanno, who suffered a disappointing FC Pro Open campaign in Group B recording zero points after two match weeks, managed to see off Conkai with a narrow comeback win.

On the other hand, Tekkz also secured victory to ensure Manchester City started their ePremier League campaign in the best way possible. The Cytizens would go on to book a spot in the quarter-finals of the ePremier League after going unbeaten and topping Group A. The team of Bonanno and Tekkz recorded seven wins and a draw in Group A. Below is Group A standings:

Whereas City completely dominated Group A, there was drama in Group B where many expected Aston Villa or Nottingham Forest to advance. But both were stunned by Brighton’s duo of Marley and Jayden Gordon.

Even though Forest’s duo RedLac and GoalPoacher went unbeaten in Group B, they failed to finish on top and will be blaming themselves for failing to take the opportunity when they had it in front of them. Brighton finished with 17 points, three points on top of second placed Nottingham Forest. Below is Group B standings:

Review of Sunday’s Action

The ePremier League Group Stages action continued on Sunday as ten more teams from Group C and Group D clashed for the ticket to the quarter-finals.

Group C: Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Luton Town, Wolves

Group D: Arsenal, Brentford, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur

Luton Town went on to produce a shocking result in Group C, emerging victorious. The newcomers in the ePremier League were represented by HarveyWxters and LukeDowning.

Their impressive campaign was kickstarted by HarveyWxters who stunned former champion Shellz with a win. As the fixtures were drawing to an end, Luton and group favourites Crystal Palace were the ones on course to triumph.

In order to join Manchester City and Brighton in the quarter-finals, Palace only needed wins against Bournemouth who had nothing to fight for. Everyone was routing for Palace to win but in a shocking turn of events, Shellz was thrashed by NathanBP 4-1.

On the other hand, Luton secured victory against Fulham, hence topping the table with a single goal difference. Both Luton and Palace had 16 points. Below is Group C standings:

In Group D, last year’s finalists Spurs were deemed favourites to advance to the knockouts. But in the end, it was Liverpool who topped the group standings, proving they can cope without Tekkz who joined Manchester City. Just like the action in Group C, Group D also saw teams trading wins before Liverpool secured the bragging rights. Below is Group D standings:

When Is the Grand Final?

The Grand Final of this season’s ePremier League will take place on Sunday, 24 March.  Whereas four clubs have already booked a spot in the final eight of the competition, the remaining teams will have another opportunity to join them by playing again on Saturday 23 March.

The prize pool for this year’s event is a whopping £100,000. Apart from receiving the biggest share of the amount, the winning team will advance to UEFA eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championship next summer. For more information, visit

Those who tune in for the live broadcast on EA SPORTS FC Pro Twitch Channel will also unlock Viewership Rewards in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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