2024 CONMEBOL Update Released in FC 24

The 12th official title update is now availanle in EA SPORTS FC 24!

This update touches on various aspects of the game, from Ultimate Team to the complete seasonal update of the CONMEBOL competitions that include Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana. Gamers can expect new South American clubs in-game and 12 new star heads.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s included:

Ultimate Team

  • Addressed the following: A stability issue could have occurred when removing expired Items from Transfer Targets.

General, Audio, and Visual

  • Made the following changes:
    • Updated several aspects of CONMEBOL competitions, such as competition seeds, kits, teams, and ad boards.
    • Updated some player models, kits, badges, balls, boots, banners, flags, UI elements, button callouts, sponsors, and trophies.
    • Updated 12 star heads which will become visible in-game following a Squads Update. The legacy star heads included in this update are:
      – Arturo Vidal
      – Pablo Aguilar
      – Juan Iturbe
      – Alex Rambal
      – Oscar Barreto
      – Leonel Lopez
      – Emiliano Velazquez
      – Carlos Lobos
      – Leonardo Fernandez
      – Nicolas Castillo
      – Juan Cornejo
      – Sebastian Saez

  • Addressed the following issues:
    • Addressed some stability issues that could have occurred.
    • Addressed instances of placeholder images.

The update is now rolling out to all supported platforms, including PC, XBSX|S, PS5, XB1, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, ensuring that players everywhere can enjoy the latest enhancements.

A new update is also available for mobile players as EA announced the release of a new FC Mobile update last week.

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