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How To Complete POTM Christian Pulisic SBC in FC 24

Christian Pulisic has found a second life at San Siro!

Christian Pulisic’s tremendous potential may finally come to fruition. At exactly halfway through his first season in Serie A, Pulisic has won his first ever Serie A Player of the Month (POTM) award. The American has scored twice and provided one assist in five games in December for Milan to earn himself the Serie A POTM Award for the month.

To recognize this achievement, EA has awarded the winger an incredibly boosted Player of the Month card in FC 24 Ultimate Team, which can be obtained through Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

How is POTM Christian Pulisic different from his other cards?

Pulisic’s POTM card is his first special card in FC 24 Ultimate Team. The 25-year-old got a whopping +8 rating upgrade on his POTM card from his base 79 rated non-rare gold card, including +9 pace and +12 shooting.

In addition to his statistical upgrades, POTM Pulisic also received an important work rate upgrade, a new Playstyle+ and three new playstyles, which can be summarized as below:

  • +8 Overall Rating (OVR)
  • +9 Pace
  • +12 Shooting
  • +8 Passing
  • +7 Dribbling
  • +10 Defending
  • +10 Physicality
  • +Quickstep Playstyle+
  • +Pinged Pass Playstyle
  • +First Touch Playstyle
  • +Flair Playstyle
  • +High Attacking Work Rate

How To Complete POTM Christian Pulisic SBC

EA set the requirements at around 110-115K coins to complete this SBC from scratch. The challenges, along with the cheapest available solution, are as follows:

83-Rated Squad (~10K coins)

  • Team Rating: Minimum 83

Serie A (~25K coins)

  • Serie A Players: Minimum one
  • Team Rating: Minimum 84

Top Form (~75K coins)

  • TOTW Players: Minimum one
  • Team Rating: Minimum 85

The SBC segment prices may be slightly different from the price listed here due to the fluctuating nature of the Ultimate Team market.


POTM Pulisic is an incredible card with a lot of weaknesses. On one hand, his shooting and reactions are average at this point of the game and his strength is non-existent. But on the other hand, his left stick dribbling will be extremely smooth and if you are someone who uses small and agile players effectively at the wings, you can extract a lot from this card.

However, there are a lot of players with similar properties that are available under 100K coins from UT market. Therefore, if you are not a fan of US Men’s National Team, Milan, Chelsea or the player himself, it is not recommended to commit to this SBC.

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