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FC 24 Ultimate Team: New Glitch Allows to Stockpile Unlimited Rewards

Here we go again!

It is well known among gaming community that EA has a habit of making mistakes – especially in their apex football franchise, FIFA / EA Sports FC. In FIFA 23, there were multiple instances of poor translations in store packs, often accidentally misleading the consumers into buying them. EA had to apologize and refund these packs multiple times.

Earlier in FC 24 game cycle, EA released some repeatable objectives that can be simply unlocked by buying and selling player items through transfer market. However, EA somehow messed that up and allowed players to claim rewards at an unintended pace without putting any additional efforts. And who could forget the infamous glitch in FIFA 23 where you could quick sell a player for discard value but somehow keep the player.

It seems that EA has replicated a glitch of the magnitude of the last one. Players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team can now get unlimited player pick items and packs by following some very simple steps that are explained below. However, please be wary that exploiting this glitch will most probably get you banned by EA.

The Glitch Explained

The glitch manifests when players complete a group objective but does not claim the group objective and log out. When they subsequently log in from the web app, the objectives will be miraculously reset, enabling them to be completed again.

How to get unlimited player pick items and packs?

  1. Play a few squad battle games that will complete a few objectives. Keep an eye out for any objectives that offers group rewards. The TOTY daily play objectives group, for example, can be completed by playing 3 games of squad battles. This group has objectives that reward you with 2 player picks and a Premium Gold Players pack.
  2. Claim individual rewards for completing these objectives but DO NOT claim group rewards. In our example, do not claim the 83×2 players pack that is unlocked on playing 3 games of squad battles but claim the 2 player picks and the Premium Gold Players pack.
  3. Sign out of console.
  4. Sign in using web app.
  5. The completed objectives will now be refreshed.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5.

If you intend to abuse this glitch, please be aware that you will most likely get banned. EA has been ruthless in banning glitch exploiters in the last few months, and they will not be hesitant in banning whoever takes advantage of this current situation.

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